The Corona Diaries – Day 595

Still quite warm. I’ve just got back from my walk up the hill. I came back in the dark!! Quite salutary to think we’re only around 30 days off the shortest day of the year!! I don’t like short days, cold and wet? Why did my ancestors move to England? What’s wrong with Africa?

595 days?? Wow!! The pandemic goes on and on. It has no end!! My booster is just a few days away!! Can’t wait.

I’ve been working on my Captain Beefheart book and playing some Skip James. Refreshing.

Had to take my car in for an MOT. It failed. I have to have brake pads replaced tomorrow. I better sell a few more books!!

Today we received an email from an antivaxxer friend. She sent through a symposium where people were relating their tales of adverse reactions to the vaccine. Some had died. Some were suffering life-changing situations. Very tragic. Our friend cited this as the reason she will not get jabbed.

What she did not cite is the perils of not getting vaccinated. The risk of dying or getting a life-changing disability from covid.

The risk from vaccination is very small. The risk from not being vaccinated is much greater.

We are in the midst of a pandemic.

262 people died yesterday from Covid. I doubt that anybody died from having a vaccine.

The hospitals are clogged up with people dying and seriously ill with Covid. They are not clogged up with people suffering serious adverse reactions to vaccination.

Yesterday there were another 33,117 new cases. We have now vaccinated over 45 million people. Deaths and serious reactions are few and far between. Deaths from Covid are 142,000. Deaths from vaccine – 9.

20,000,000 vaccines produced 25 cases of blood clots and just 9 deaths. The odds of 25 in 20,000,000 is so low it’s on a par with driving a car.

On top of the personal risks, there are the risks to the community. Vaccinated people can still spread the virus but not at the same level s the unvaccinated. For the sake of others (and yourself) get vaccinated.

Then someone sent me a whole load of slides basically saying that global warming is a myth.

I don’t have time to go and gather the data to disprove that. But the implications are clear.

Why would all the countries in the world agree? Why would nearly all the scientists agree? Why would any government want to introduce measures that would cost money and lose votes? What on earth would be the motive for such an enormous global scam? It is completely inconceivable.

My own observations are quite clear. In my lifetime there has been an enormous impact on the environment. Insects and animals that were common in my youth are now rare. The effects on seas, rivers, woodlands and forests are strikingly obvious. The changes are frightening.

Around the world the deforestation and habitat destruction is scary. I have seen it. Brazil, Australia, Africa and Asia. The effect on animal populations is horrendous.

When I get time I will go through carefully and disprove this narrative put out by those with vested interests.

The propaganda put out by the petrochemical industry, coal, oil and gas, is designed to undermine the narrative. We are destroying this planet for the profits of very wealthy people who don’t give a toss.It’s all about money.

What a horrible species we are. What a stupid species we are. We’re busy cutting off the oxygen in the life-support module so that some people have more than they can possibly spend.

That takes me straight back to the greedy Tories with their snouts in the trough!!

Stay safe!! We are all being conned, exploited and laughed at!

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