The Corona Diaries – Day 553

Its much cooler here but still sunny! I took a walk up my hill this morning. Saw a baby field-mouse scurrying across the road, being blown by the gusts of wind. The fields are all ploughed, disced and drilled and look stark and beautiful in the sunlight. What a difference a week makes.

Back home I had to replace 8 of the 16 GU10 LED bulbs in my study. These are meant to be environmentally better and hardly use any energy. They are also meant to last forever which they obviously don’t. I can’t see how they can be environmentally friendly, even if they don’t use much power, if they need replacing every five minutes!! It must take a lot of mining and energy to create them in the first place!

I’ve been writing my Captain Beefheart book and playing some Bessie Smith. Slow progress.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, the madness continues. The Tories are missing in action again as the haulage crisis continues. There’s talk of a few soldiers being brought in, but that’s not going to make any difference. There is talk of allowing HGV drivers from the EU back in up until Christmas but I can’t think they’d want to bale out the arrogant Tories after the way they’ve been treated.

This haulage problem has already created shortages in supermarkets and now it’s hitting petrol supplies. How stupid can you get? Johnson is trying to blame it on panic buying but it’s so much more than that!


The haulage shortages are the tip of a big iceberg affecting most of the economy – fruit picking, bottom wiping, food cooking, room service, temperature taking, appendix removal and a thousand other things.

The Tories themselves called for a report as to the effects of a Hard Brexit! It was meant to be top secret and was called Yellowhammer. It detailed all these very problems plus a lot more that we have to come. Yet they went ahead anyway.

Now they are pretending they did not know.

Now they are pretending it’s nothing to do with Brexit.

Now they are looking for scapegoats – panic buying, global problems, covid.

IT’S BREXIT!! Pure and simple. It was detailed in the Yellowhammer report.

We drove out the EU workers – the nurses, Doctors, teachers, HGV drivers, hoteliers, cooks, carers, veg pickers……….

We do not have enough skilled/trained people to do these jobs. A lot of British people do not want to do menial unpleasant jobs for next to nothing.

The problems this is highlighting are ones that the Tories don’t want to face:

A lot of these jobs are hard and unpleasant and do not provide a living wage. British people don’t want to do them. So they have to put the wages up to a reasonable level which will impact on prices which will have to rise.

There is a skill shortage for many jobs – doctors, nurses, teachers, HGV drivers etc etc. The government drove all the trained EU staff out and glibly thought they could be replaced with English people. But it takes a long time to train up for jobs at these skill levels – many years in some cases – so we have a great shortage creating all manner of problems. We need to recruit from outside!!

The Yellowhammer report went into all this in detail so they have no excuse for not knowing. Over the two years they have done nothing to alleviate the problem. They just went ahead and did it without thinking.

So we’re in a mess of their making!!!! No excuses!!


We were conned into voting for it with promises of bright uplands, saving billions, stopping immigration and wresting back control. Now we’re in the shit.

All those easy-peasy trade deals???? Ha Ha!! Years away!!

All the extra costs, red-tape, tariffs, break up of the UK? I don’t remember any of that being spoken about. It was all denied and called Project Fear.

The Power hikes, tax hikes and benefit cuts???? All Project Fear.

Now we’re living Project Fear with a lot worse to come! Lying morons!!

All so a lot of rich Tories could become a lot richer and avoid the tax changes the EU was proposing!! These lousy profiteers have made millions while dumping us in the shit!!!

Read the Yellowhammer report!!

Incompetence doesn’t stop a Brexit and all its knock-ons; it goes through everything.

Today there were another 34,520 new cases with another 167 deaths – due to the Johnson (Indian) variant that he so stupidly allowed to rampage through the country in the futile hope of a trade deal with India. We have 136,000 deaths now!!

Mind you, things are not all bad. All those people suffering long-term loss of smell due to covid are being treated with vitamin A drops.

Stay Safe.

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