The Corona Diaries – Day 547

It was a bit cloudier, cooler and blowy today in Yorkshire. I took an early walk up my hill and hurried back. I was eager to get back to editing.

Back home I’ve been playing a lot of Elmore James and editing the Harper book. The great news is that I’ve just completed it. I’ve got a few photos to slip in and I can put it to bed for a while. When it has settled I will give it a final read through. The book is a memoir and a little rambly but I think it works. It is looking at Roy from my perspective and telling the story of two different parallel lives that intersect. I enjoyed writing it. The editing has been more like hard work.

After completing the book I had some chores. There were blinds and curtains to put up – not my forte! They are up now so I can relax.

I’m about to start on writing a couple of new books. One is a book I’m working on with a friend of mine who was a roadie with Free and Bad Company. It’s about Kossof. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into that! The other is a new contract to produce an Every Track book on Captain Beefheart (another of my real favourites).

I’m going to be busy!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our resident clown returns from being told to fuck off by Biden. I don’t think Biden rates Johnson much. He thinks they are a bunch of semiTrumpist arseholes. I agree. They are the most extreme government we’ve ever had in my lifetime. Populist nationalists of the worst type – busy stripping the country and wrecking it. What is most worrying is the way they are tightening their grip on the media and pumping out propaganda to the gullible.

The glorious uplands of Brexit are proving to be a very downland swamp. All those wonderful trade deals we were going to get! We’ve just a couple of useless detrimental trade deals – like the farce with Australia. A tiny fraction of the deals we have thrown away with Europe.

The USA is laughing at our clown – Biden’s bitch – cap in hand and booted back home. It seems the special relationship doesn’t count when dealing with extreme right-wingers like Johnson. He was counting on Trump getting back in wasn’t he? Ho ho. We can’t even ride in on the back of Mexico and Canada.

So much for Brexit promises – easiest deals ever!! Not.

So far Brexit has been an unmitigated disaster. It’s cost a fortune, like we all said it would, and has produced nothing positive! The only things that have grown in the fertile soil of Brexit are lies!! They’ve become enormous!!

I’ve noticed that the media is not allowed to blame Brexit for anything. Brexit is banned. So when we look at HGV drivers, empty supermarket shelves, bankrupt fishermen and farmers, rising costs, years more austerity, shortages of fruit pickers, cooks, carers, nurses, closing firms, businesses fleeing into Europe, massive amounts of red tape, tariffs, threats to break up the union, pay freezes, staff shortages, travel permits, rising costs of holidays, huge delays, curtailing of freedoms and opportunities – none of that is due to Brexit. None of it was unnecessarily brought on ourselves due for the desire to have navy blue passports and be ruled by a bunch of Bullingdon schoolboy plonkers. No. It’s all the result of Johnny Foreigner and world-wide forces.

So much for Global Britain – a bit like a ping-pong ball bashed about in a tempest!! And we created the tempest!!

How long is it before we can demand another referendum?? This one isn’t working!

So our incompetent twats are presiding over our world-beating death-rate. We have another 36,710 new cases with 182 more deaths – all worth it so that Johnson can have his gold wallpaper, pub landlords can land multimillion pound contracts and Rees-Mogg can shove more millions in the Cayman Isles tax free.

Yet our gullible public are still supporting these incompetent fools.

We have record case numbers among schoolkids and I had to laugh – two of the Strictly Dancers are antivaxxers putting competitors and the competition at risk! I just hope it bloody shuts down. I can’t stand it.

Viruses do have a tendency to become less virulent and one scientist is predicting that Covid could mutate to become more like the common cold by next Spring. That would be good. Though not all viruses do that. Some become more virulent.

Perhaps a more virulent strain killing off 50% of the world’s population might be just what the planet needs? It would reduce all those CO2 emissions and all the pollution, stop the slaughter of wild animals and the destruction of natural habitat, and allow the planet to recover.

Plagues are not all bad!!

So as we head into winter we have rising Covid, an energy crisis, pay cuts, tax rises, food shortages and panic buying!!

A recipe for a fine old time. If covid doesn’t get you the cold and starvation will – but not for everyone! Many are profiting like never before!!

Stay safe!! We might yet survive!! Besides, I’ve got a few more books to write!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 547

  1. Interesting to check out national stats. Cases per 100,000. Worldwide, statewide. The power of the virus trumps (pardon the expression) all politics and policy.

      1. True. Third world countries are often the safest places. Brazil has low case numbers. California has worked hard to get case numbers down. Florida’s numbers are just as good at present.

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