Poetry – Three Haikus for Nature

Three Haikus for Nature

Sun, clouds, drought and flood

Change in a billion strange ways

As carbon traps heat

Wind in tight circles

Spins the sinister raindrops

Into shards of ice

Ripping roofs, mud slides

Violent nature speaks loud

In fury at us

Opher – 9.9.2021

I wrote these to be read together.

We are at the start of an epoch of change. Our activities have altered the planet. Ironically the future is not looking conducive for human beings.

Climate change is not only bad for us; it is also bad for many other species.

Our greed and stupidity is looking to become our downfall.

It is as if we are beginning to experience nature’s fury directed at us – storms, floods, heatwaves, hurricanes and droughts. We are reaping the rewards for our actions.

Too many people! Too much greed! Too much damage!! Too little time to put it right!!

We’re creating the future.

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