Poetry – Throwaway life

Throwaway life

I look to the clouds to see a bloated vulture

Waiting to feast on this disposable culture.

Cut to the quick with a razor-sharp knife

Another empty moment in a throwaway life.

Busy going nowhere.

Devouring the planet.

Morals of a fungus

Manners of a gannet.

Opher – 9.9.2021

I despair when I look at human beings. We are so greedy for wealth and power we would destroy the future to get more.

It’s a long history of abuse, war, torture, cruelty and destruction.

Are we getting any better?

It seems not.

We are either brainwashed into fanatical religious fantasy or living lives of mindless hedonism.

Where is the intelligence? The appreciation of creativity, wonder and nature?

Why are we either consumed by greed, fanaticism or trivia?

Sometimes I think there’s no hope.

The world is the mess we have made of it.

Intelligent?? I think not!!

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