Poetry – Some Things Worth Fighting For

Some Things Worth Fighting For

Dreams and visions,

Ideas and feelings,

Memories, loves

And amorous dealings;

The beauty of a trillion creatures,

A spectacular planet with all its features;

Trees and flowers

Breath and stars,

Sunsets, moonlight

And cherished scars;

Friendship, loved ones,

Freedoms and truth,

Fairness, justice,

And the ultimate proof;

Compassion, tolerance

And humanity;

A better future

For you and me!

But one thing is true

And that’s for sure –

There is very little

Worth killing for!

Opher 9.1.2019

I think we should fight for what we believe with all our heart. We should battle and strive with passion.

But our battle is metaphoric – not physical.

There are many things worth fighting for.

Every day is a war, every arena a battlefield.

Gird your loins. Put down your guns.

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