Poetry – Outside the law

Outside the law

Bribing, threatening, exploiting and more;

Accumulating vast fortunes;

What do they want it for?

Death, destruction, misery and gore;

Left in their wake

As they stride out the door.

The global elite are cleaning up

Making a killing

And filling their cup.

Meet the global elite;

The mafia of our day.

Who’ll strip the world bare

And be on their way.

They don’t have rules.

They do as they please.

Creating wars

So they can live at ease.

The global elite.

The scum of the earth.

Everything has a price

Never what’s it’s worth.

Forests and creatures

Are commodities to abuse.

They gamble with lives

And they never lose.

The global elite –

Those with the wealth and power.

Flouting the rules

And getting richer by the hour.

Using the media

To brainwash the sheep

To support the system

That keeps them all beat.

Every day the gap

Grows so much more

As millions starve

As they foster the poor.

Time to unite;

To address this inequality.

They do not care

And have no morality.

Opher 20.1.2018

It seems to me that the whole world is run by the wealthy and powerful for the wealthy and powerful. They accumulate more than they can ever possibly need and it is never enough.

They run their multinationals for profit without a thought for the people they exploit or the world they are trashing. Money talks.

They destroy forests, enslave people and cause wars. They bribe and threaten governments.

They avoid taxation and use every means possible to avoid contributing to the societies they spring from.

Something needs doing about them.

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