Poetry – Botched and Bungled

Botched and Bungled

Botched, bungled, Brexit

Bashing Britain!

Emotive, effusive, embroiled,

Epochal and unethical.

Divided, dangerous, damnable,

Dastardly and demoralizing.

Fake, fraudulent, faltering,

Faulty and fractious.

In short – it stinks.

Opher 7.12.2018

What a big mistake! To be driven by fear and hatred to vote Brexit; to be harking back to times that never existed – the dark days of poverty, racism and social inequality.

What a mistake to make the country poorer and weaker so that our children and grandchildren inherit a worse country!

What a mistake to allow these ideological politicians to destroy our public services, make money out of us and screw the poor.

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