The Corona Diaries – Day 516

Had the grandchildren for the last day and they went at lunchtime. Spent the afternoon reading my John Cooper Clarke biography – brilliant then did a bit of gardening and housework.

I’m knackered!! Having three grandchildren running around makes you aware of how old you are!!

I’ve been playing The Doors – The Soft Parade – better than I remember – must be nostalgia. I remember thinking at the time that they were selling out.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our buffoon is absolutely silent while the covid rates continue to rise and we approach the end of Summer and return to school. There were 31,976 new cases yesterday with another 49 deaths. Hospital admissions are up.

This is the best time of year to avoid airborne diseases. The real season begins soon. There were 4,700 cases from the Broadmasters festival in Cornwall. A lot of these people are young and not ending up in hospital or dead but long covid is taking its toll and I’ve seen no figures on that.

Out in the world the new variants are causing mayhem – the Caribbean and Africa are now heading for travel band, Vietnam, New Zealand and Australia are struggling. It’s a volatile situation.

Yet here in blighty we are blithely going on as if it is over! We’ll see!

I’ve been out and about a ;lot this week with the grandchildren. We’ve been to crowded Bridlington and on the beach. But outside, in the fresh air and distancing from people. I don’t think it’s over and I don’t fancy getting it even if it doesn’t kill me!! I’m taking care.

Where is our invisible PM? Who is giving advice? Is he sunning or shagging like Raab and Hancock??

Who knows? Better off without the clown.

Stay Safe!!

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