Poetry – Bankers playing Roulette

Bankers playing Roulette

Bankers playing roulette

With the likes of you and me.

Gambling for fun

To seal our destiny.

Necking their champagne,

Driving their flash cars –

An ever bigger pile of loot

Is the extent of their desires!

Opher 16.9.2018

I despise the selfish greedy attitude that some people have. They think they had the privilege to do what they like. They believe they were born better and they deserve all they get.

There is a failing in their heads. They have their priorities twisted. They believe they can purchase happiness, experience and purpose.

But, as Dylan said, you can’t buy a thrill.

Back when I was seventeen, and high on Kerouac, I made a conscious decision not to follow the god of mammon. I wanted experience, not money.

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