Poetry – Blowing Gnats into Gannets

Blowing Gnats into Gannets

Blowing gnats into gannets,

Puddles into seas,

Making trouble out of nothing,

Picking fights with you and me.

Some people just like meanness,

Their minds just work that way.

They can’t get along with folks

Or see the light of day.

Petty minded imbeciles

Who like to sow their strife

Instead of being pleasant

And getting on with life.

Opher 15.9.2018

Some people are builders and some are destroyers. Some like building people up and some like ripping them down.

Some do not have a shred of humanity.

There is a wave of fascism that is eating people up. It turns reasonable people into hate-filled harridans.

Some people are pedantic to the extreme. All they are interested in is arguing over minor details and blowing that up into nastiness.

A plague upon them.

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