War – What is it good for??

How many UK and US deaths were squandered for what? The Taliban will soon be back with their brand of misogyny. Banning girls education, insisting on a severe dress code, banning music and dance, banning films and books, exporting heroin to the West and dealing our brutality and fundamentalism.

What did those troops die for?

8 thoughts on “War – What is it good for??

  1. The Afghan wars has been a waste of lives and money. envision two identical piles of rocks. put a sign saying “Afghanistan BEFORE US involvement. then place a sign saying “Afganistan AFTER US involvement” in front of the other. There you have it. Afghanistan wasn’t about women’s rights until the war needed resale.

    1. An ignominious defeat. There is a long list. When was the last time a war was won?? Korea, Vietnam,Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan. It’s a lot of death and destruction.

    1. Certainly true for the ordinary people in ‘both’ countries. The costs are inordinate. It wastes money, lives and energy. We pay with deaths and austerity. The cost of war is fantastic. But there are many individuals that make an absolute fortune out of it!! Rumsfeld for instance!!

  2. consider the “civil war nostalgia” here in the States. clown trumpist pigs want a civil war to kill people of color and baby-eating, blood drinking democrats. they’re such “patriots”. they are complete fools. lulled into thinking their little ARs will get used to “make America Great Again.” like their stinky little hats say. I got two babies on the grill and gotta go turn them. nothing worse than eating charred baby before heading off to worship satan. hate wasting food. geezus.

  3. Had to stick grilled babies in the oven so we could traffic children to pedos down at the local pizza parlor. busy place too many democrats peddling children. damn.Hilary and Barack sent us kids to peddle and babies to eat, but no extra pizza parlors.

    1. Typical politicians not thinking through the whole problem. Luckily the alien reptiles running the planet don’t seem that bothered. As long as they get enough babies to fry they’re happy!

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