2 thoughts on “The England Football manager better than the Clown and his thieves and liars.

  1. I could have seen it. I lived it. Athletes beating their wives and girlfriends on elevators elicited no response. Peaceful protests cause for national outcry by the highest offices.
    Lies and deceit in every direction. Drink bleach to cure Corona which doesn’t actually exist. Promises of financially supporting violent individuals with legal challenges due to violence, caged children, brutal attacks on the government without a peep.
    I could have seen it coming, but I was not willing to believe that the mussy haired version was in fact a clone.

    1. I attribute all this to 9/11. That’s when the world went mad. Then Bush declaring war on terrorism and invading Iraq and Afghanistan. Stoking up the hate. Climate change. Mass immigration, Fear and hate, xenophobia and racism. A heady mix in which populism flourishes empowering the ignorant and crazy!

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