The Corona Diaries – Day 471

Day 471 finds me still in semi-lockdown, semi-isolation, in some weird new reality where life is very different. I hadn’t realised how close and casual our relationships were before. Now they are cautious and guarded. We remain distant. Physicality has been sacrificed.

Today I went for a walk up my hill, sorted my blog, listened to some Stiff Little Fingers, did some painting and looked for a bit of time to read.

It was a warm, glorious day in Yorkshire. I took my new monocular up the hill to have a look at the birds – chaffinches, siskins, gold finches and some brown ones that I couldn’t identify. The verges are full of gorgeous wild orchids. Everything is blooming and fruiting (except our pear tree – a pitiful three pears!!). There were four cinnabar moths on the thistles.

Everything was right with the world!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it was back to reality.

Our clown in charge is telling us it’s safe to go back in the water. There are no sharks.

May be an image of 6 people and text that says ""The beaches are open and people are having a wonderful time""

The corona cases have shot up to 32,000 yesterday. Who cares? It’s only kids! Long covid? Organ damage? We don’t measure that so that’s alright!!

Freedom Day!!

Back in the water!!!

100,000 cases a day? Who cares?? All those pings on track and trace. Millions having to isolate?? We’ll simply change the rules.

Get back in the water!!!

We’ll vaccinate all the kids!!

But we only have just over half the population vaccinated!

Get back in the water!!

What about the lambda variant?? It might evade the vaccine!

Get back in the water!!!

Couldn’t we at least continue to work from home? Wear masks of public transport? Stay out of crowds indoors?

Get back in the water!!!

Well, we’ve seen the new spike in males – due to them all getting together and acting daft with the football. It doesn’t matter. All the eggs are in one basket. We’re heading for herd immunity whatever the cost!

It doesn’t matter that we saw a similar thing last year with them opening up and creating a second wave that was worse than the first and killed tens of thousands more.

We don’t learn from mistakes and the public doesn’t punish us – despite all the cock-ups and lies, the cronyism and corruption, we’re ten points up in the polls!! We can treat the public with complete disdain. They love clowns!!

All I have to do is deliberately mess my hair up, hrrrumph and errr a lot, act the fool and they think I walk on water!! It’s easy!!!

So plebs – Get back in the water. There’s money to be made. I’ve lots of wallpaper to buy!!!

As cases go through the roof, deaths begin to rise, long covid remains a hidden statistic and firms suffer crisis with the tsunami of staff having to isolate, Brexit and the hostile environment, prices soar, shortages loom and we’re still ten points clear!! So sod you all!!

We’ll let you go on holiday!! You’ll love us!!

Stay Safe!! The Clown’s in charge!! Disaster looms!!

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