Poetry – Freedom


Freedom is solitude.

Even the breeze must follow

The contours of the hills;

The trees roots obey

The pull of gravity;

The mighty seas be thwarted

By the cliffs.

Even the planets are held

In place by laws.

Nothing is truly free

Unless utterly on its own.

And nothing is free

Of the universe.

Freedom is being at peace

With where you are.

Freedom is nothing more

Than a state of mind –

A coming to terms

With compromise.

Opher 28.7.2018

I wrote this in response to a bunch of American right-wingers on a site I contribute to. They believe they stand for freedom yet they represent the most conservative and conforming bunch of people I’ve ever encountered. They believe they are maverick and unrestricted yet they are so tribal and stereotyped that their minds are completely closed. They are unable to see any other viewpoint.

They believe tax is robbery and government should not interfere with peoples’ lives without seeing that giving a small elite of the strong and powerful power and control is merely bullying. They believe it is alright to do whatever they like without regard to law, the environment or others. I think they confuse licence with freedom.

They talk of freedom but become belligerent and abusive if you express a view different to their own. They will beat you to a pulp for being a communist, gay or Muslim. They wish to take away the rights of people to decide on contraception, abortion, religion and gender.

They believe in God, Country and the gun and despise equality and those who are different.

Their freedom is being exactly in line with everyone else.

Their freedom is everyone else’s terror and subjugation.

Perhaps they need locking up for their own (or our own) good? I think they could be free in solitary.

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