Today’s Music to keep me sSSsaaaannnNEEE in Isolation – Bob Dylan – Desire

I’ve always loved this album. It has such a bouncy feel with that electric violin!! Shouts sunshine and warmth to me!! Even the darker songs like Hurricane feel upbeat to me!

Bob Dylan 1976 Desire – YouTube

One thought on “Today’s Music to keep me sSSsaaaannnNEEE in Isolation – Bob Dylan – Desire

  1. Perception by foreigners something completely different than perception by Jews and how they learn the Torah.

    Separate but equal lead to the Jim Crow racial laws that dominated pre and post WW2 American society. This rabbi he speaks, but fails to validate his declaratory statements. Separate but equal from the Torah serves as a clear example of his failure to bring some type of Primary source from the sealed masoret/traditions (T’NaCH, Mishna, Gemara, Midrashim, Siddur) which validates the premise that ‘separate but equal’ has a Torah basis to it. This preacher fails to validate his declarations with any Torah primary sources or secondary or even tertiary sources. Sorry he expect people who listen to what he preaches and accept it, as if he qualifies as an authority cult of personality figure!

    Cross dressers I straight forward negative commandment, this rabbi fails to provide. Instead he relies exclusively upon tertiary rabbinic achronim sources. He jumps to the Ari’s mysticism which he says he does not understand. So why bring this vague tertiary source at all? He employs key terms sun, moon, messianic era blah blah, he fails to define these key terms of religious rhetoric (mountain hanging by a hair).

    The Ari’s kabbala of shells of holiness trapped converts holiness into evil. What defines “holiness”. Holy is Holy? No you cannot define a word with the same word. He brings this mystic kabbala of the middle ages to describe perverted actions or perverted individuals. Nature vs. Nurture becomes another theme. Again this Western idea of psychology has no Torah. He then addresses the destruction of Sodom. He brings an Aggaditah of the Gemara of Chullen that says that destruction came when Sodom started writing homosexual Ketubot/marriage contracts, only then did the destruction of Sodom occur. The legitimization of a Torah abomination. This quoted Aggaditah, according to the kabbala taught by Rabbi Akiva requires drosh methods of scholarship which links the Aggaditic story with T’NaCH sugiot which teach a mussar (meaning the awareness of the finger of G-d in our lives). The people of Sodom had no more of the awareness of mussar than did Par’o when he sent his army into the Sea of Suf.

    The rabbi fails to address the hedonism as the primary cause which promotes sexual perversion. He fails to address the plague of assimilation, the 1st face of avoda zara. The coming of Moshiach has nothing what so ever to do with sexual perversion. Sin this – Sin that, resembles the noise which Christian preachers fart. This rabbi never discusses the key issue of tohor and tuma! The Cohen nation cannot do avodat HaShem in a state of tuma. Assimilation to non Cohen cultures and customs defines the tuma of avoda zara. This rabbi, his speech appears to me as an inability of learning Torah with the ability to discern between tohor and tuma. Tohor and tuma does not fit into right or wrong parameters.

    To return back to the differences between men and women, the service of bnai brit to perceive the finger of HaShem within and through our lives. Halacha does not exist as the will of God – that’s tuma represents Christian theology not Yiddishkeit. The editors of the Sha’s Bavli organized the Talmud with 2 opposing Yatzirot; ritual observance of halachot opposed by struggling to grasp the mussar of the T’NaCH prophets and how their mussar reveals the finger of HaShem within our lives in this current generation, and every other future born generation for ever – the brit of Avram sworn at the brit of pieces. Avram enjoyed awareness of the finger of HaShem in his life when he made war and defeated the 4 kings who had taken Lot and his family as their slave captives. Par’o by sharp contrast directly witnessed the 10 plagues which obliterated and destroyed all of Egypt, yet he hitched his chariots and ordered his army into the Sea of Sof, completely blind to the finger of HaShem within his life!!

    This rabbi fails to address the opening first 2 commandments of the Sinai revelation – the יסוד of all Torah wisdom. Lot could not save the O’lam Ha’ba lives of his as yet unborn children, but the revelation of the Torah at Sinai, upon this faith hinges the live of future O’lam Ha’bah born seed. The din of Yom Kippur seals the din of Yom HaDin upon the brit/Rosh HaShanna! The brit faith stands upon our seed living unto all generations unto eternity. If we keep the 1st and 2nd commandments, all other Torah commandments hang upon these 1st two commandments, then like Avraham our father saved the seed of Lot from total destruction, then so too we can save our as yet future born generations from total destruction. Just as Noach cursed Canaan for the tuma of ערוה how much more so the daughter of Lot brought a curse upon the head of the house of Lot! Moshe on the last day of his life spoke a profound rebuke: this Torah has life and death – therefore choose life.

    When rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv requested of me to give him a ברכה erev Yom Kippur, the ברכה which got placed upon his head by my hands – חי.

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