The Corona Diaries – Day 432

Today I got up to a blue sky and sunny day. I can feel the sting of sunburn on my forehead as I write this! A glorious day in Yorkshire on the Costa Del Humber!!

I have been playing some Jackson C Frank and having a final read through The Pornography Wars before sorting out publication.

I spent some of the day designing a front cover, editing blurb and sorting titles. It’s time consuming.

I took my customary walk up my hill. For the first time this year I was in a short-sleeve shirt with no T-shirt. That’s rare for me. I like tropical weather!

I might even get into shorts for tomorrow! I’ll test the waters nearer the time. I don’t want to get carried away. We’ve had some pretty chilly days – though next week is predicted to be rather fine! We’ll see!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there are various debates.

The stupid clowns running the country have foolishly let the Indian variant in. Large number are building up all over the place. Instead of stringent border controls it has been anyone can come and go. Thousands of people have come in from India and are spreading the disease the length and breadth. Three quarters of the new cases are the variant. Our useless Track and Trace is still useless. The cases are going up. The hospital cases have started to rise. The death-rate is going up!

Morons! Morons! Morons!

Now they are panicking again. They have allowed a third wave to start up. Complacency, ineptitude and stupidity conspire. You might think they would learn from past mistakes – but no!!

You feel like shouting at them – Border Controls!!! TRACK AND TRACE!!! Put someone competent in charge!!! Just because they are a Tory doesn’t mean they can do stuff!! In fact it is quite evident from the PPE, Tracing App, T&T, Border controls and Brexit that these bloody Tories are a bunch of useless arseholes!!!

The new Indian variant is bad news. It is more virulent. It attacks younger people. It kills young people!

WHY LET THE BLOOODY THING IN?????? Look at Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and loads more successful countries – THEY DO NOT ALLOW US IN!!! They have sane politicians. They are not run by clowns!!!!

So, back to the debate. Johnson and the nutcase Tories want to go ahead and open up on the 21st as planned. They are thinking about money. The scientists and more sensible people are more wary. They think this variant is bad news and we should be careful. It could kill another 50,000 and we really do not want to be like India with pyres being lit along the embankment and bodies floating down the Thames. Best wait a bit.

The trouble is that the young, unvaccinated people are mixing. The virus is going to spread. Many are going to get ill. They will spread it to the older vaccine hestitant. They will get ill and die. The NHS will be overwhelmed.

I hope people are beginning to wake up to the fact that Johnson is an incompetent imbecile. As a clown he’s not even funny!!

So right now there is a mad scramble to vaccinate more people – including the young, to stop the spread.

Who will win? I suspect the virus will win!!

What’s the betting that we’ll be back in lockdown? Right now it is growing exponentially. We were down to under 2000 new cases a day – now we’re back over 4000. What a mess!

So what do you think? Will Boris Johnson dither and wait? Will he act?

Are we in groundhog day?

Dido Harding is presently trying to punch her way out of a soggy paper bag. As soon as she’s free she’ll be right on the case!!

Emigration is sounding better by the minute.

Stay Safe!! Life is short!

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