Funchal – Inside the church – Art and architecture.

How much wealth has been directed into this incredible extravagance? All the best architects and artists were deployed to create the most spectacular structures – intended to inspire, overawe and prove that god is real.

Failed in my case but I still love the art!

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      1. Dude you can’t speak a word of Hebrew and jabbered forever about “Palestine” and did not even know that Jordan – originally part of the “British Palestine Mandate” … get a life.

      2. Theology/bunk. If a blind man asks you what the color blue looks like????? And you blithely answer: Blue is blue. You have said nothing.

      3. something on par with – – 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Drivel noise. Cliche statements: “better late than never” do not replace sound discussion of options and possibilities. They – cliche statements – only attempt to conceal your own ignorance on the subject. Like, for example, not knowing that Jordan was part of the Palestine mandate!!!!

      4. That’s because you are blind to justice. Ask a sighted person what blue is and they know.

      5. Noise, your theology does not change the simple fact: you can not define an undefined term by using the identical term to define the undefined term.

        European sub human barbarians know nothing about justice. The lack of judicial court room justice explains the entire history of Europe!

      6. You have no expertise on the subject. And pretend that you have the “right” to judge others. Specifically the Jewish people! Bunk. Post Shoah Europeans shall never enjoy the right to judge Jews ever again.

      7. Of course I have the right to judge!!! If you go coming out with racist shit, fascist statements and stereotyping people then you will be called out for it.

      8. Of course you have a right to judge? Bunk. “racist shit”? The Shoah its racist shit! We have discussed this in depth and you fail to refute me. Instead you pretend that you can ignore me and talk over me. Racism requires actions not just words. A comedian can say racial jokes but that does not make him a racist. Dude you have absolutely no understanding you break peanuts using a sledge hammer. Pathetic.

      9. Drivel noise. Violence its what ultimately defines racism, like the KKK lynching black people, or burning crosses.

      10. The key word “start”, yo turn the bloody page … start implies “ends”. Slander “ends” in violent actions. Sub human European animals slandered Jews saying that the Jews killed a Xtian baby in order to make Passover Matza from that dead baby’s blood. During Easter then followed horrific pogroms of terrible violence and murder of Jewish communities across Europe.

      11. The crime you commit is to perpetuate stereotyped racism resulting in hatred and division giving rise to violence and war.

      12. ‘Stereotyped racism’ … empty noise. Copy and paste what exactly I have communicated that exists within your weird/absurd definition of racism. LOL Repeating the same word over and over and over again and again and again — never defines the term. LOL Your ignorance its really quite funny.

      13. A morality that doesn’t stereotype, belittle with racist slander and create hatred and division. A morality based on compassion, empathy and love.

      14. Sorry, just don’t buy it. These fancy terms – simply do not know what they mean. Love for example, among my people we understand this term to mean – ownership. A man does not love that which he does not own. For example when a Jewish man and woman marry. This action goes by the name: kiddushin. Hebrew verbs usually have a 3 letter root. קדש. The language builds on these root verbs. These root verbs usually have a positive and an opposite negative meaning קדוש means holy. קידשה by contrast means whore or prostitute. The Torah story of Yechuda and Tamar (Tamar married the sons of Yechuda) Yechuda’s wife died, and the father of the deceased sons ie Yechuda, failed to permit Tamar to marry his 3rd son. Yechuda feared that just as his first 2 sons died so too would his 3rd son, if he married Tamar.

        Tamar saw that Yechida feared to have his 3rd son do Yevum (marriage of a bother to the wife of a deceased brother who died without children). Tamar dressed herself as a prostitute and seduced Yechuda to have sex with her. She conceived. Yechuda wanted to kill her but she proved that Yechuda himself was the father! Its really a rather amusing story. The point of me bringing up this story, that the Torah refers to Tamar by the term קידשה/whore.

        Hebrew verbs usually have opposing opposite meanings. Its not a 1 in 1000 occurrence but a quite normal event in the Hebrew language.

        The concept of marriage learns from the father of the Jewish people, who cut an alliance based upon the premise that he would have children in all generations to the future. An alliance requires an oath. An oath does not compare to a belief. Theologies stand upon the foundation of beliefs!

        Rhetoric employs key terms upon which hang huge ideas. Morality what does that word mean? Racist same question? Create hatred and division – same question. Morality (an undefined term) based upon compassion???

        Reject the concept of “fuzzy logic”. You employ a key term, you have the obligation to define that key term. You can not demand from me that I define for you the key terms which you employ.

      15. Well that’s just weird. I love sunsets, paintings, poetry, my wife, my children, friends. I don’t own them.

      16. You plays “ownership” into a nice little cubbyhole. A man can not own a woman whom he marries. Yet he has an obligation to “acquire” his wife. What does this mean? Either the man “acquires” a slave, or he acquires a prostitute! No. The woman consents to marry a particular man, because that man “acquires” all her children that this union shall give birth into the future.

        The definition learns from childless Abram who swore an oath alliance with the pre-condition that he would have living seed in all generations of mankind upon this earth! The Jewish and Arab peoples live as proof of this oath alliance.

      17. I didn’t acquire my wife. We entered into a mutually agreed relationship based on equality, love and respect. Nothing to do with ownership. I find that though repugnant.

      18. Kiddushin a Jewish custom, not practiced by Goyim. As a point of reference Kiddushin defines the term love. I do not know how you define this abstract term “love”. Your use of an undefined term … just !@#$%^&*()

      19. Ownership does not depend upon a cash transaction, but rather “pulling something” you wish to “acquire” unto yourself. A deep friendship, entails pulling a “trust” of that friend unto your confidence. You share information with this “friend” that you do not readily share with strangers. For example: you do not publish on the internet the times you have sex with your wife.

      20. Duh! Your not Jewish. Ya keep using undefined terms, in this example: “love”. Proof positive that your write total bull shit. Why? You repeatedly make the exact same error over and over and over again, like the ever ready rabbit battery commercial. You can not define a word by using the exact same word to define itself. Duh. Use of key undefined terms, upon which you hang all your BS judgments and declarations of fascism and racism ect etc etc which you repeat over and again, day in and day out — bull shit rhetoric.

        Your a lazy person, You do little or no research on the subjects but assume that your opinion merits consideration. Your just a dumb ass stupid reactionary.

      21. The only mystery is why fascists and racists think that their aggressive nastiness can make anything better. It’s pure arrogance.

      22. More theology and rhetoric from your pie hole. Fascist – Europeans by definition. Racists: defined from the KKK and its hatred towards freed black folk in America.

      23. Ignorance is no excuse. The irony is that you have become the very thing you rail against. The fascists stereotyped, persecuted and killed Jews now you want the same for others.

      24. Holocaust denier Fascism – a unique cultural mass insanity which afflicted the diseased European mind.

        The last conflict 248 Arabs died. 1/5th of Arab missiles fired at civilian population centers in Israel landed in Gaza. Gaza has an incredibly dense population. Most of those 248 Gaza deaths came as a result of missiles fired in Gaza which exploded inside Gaza.

      25. Have gone over this before. You behave like a dog that returns and eats its own vomit. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Just like Hitler abhorred and despised the Treaty of Versailles, whereby the British and French condemned all Germans born after WW1 guilty for the crimes and atrocities committed during the ‘Great War’, Israel how much more so does it condemn all Europeans guilty for the Shoah following WW2.

        What’s good for the goose, its good for the gander. Here’s a cliche into your teeth, mr. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

      26. Bunk. Copy and paste an incomplete clause that you claim i wrote. LOL I do not believe you, am an atheist praise G-d.

      27. You are an extremely confused person.
        No. Never said I was an atheist. You sub human barbarian Europeans have an addiction, mental defect in your sanity, you just can not stop slander. Ya know racism starts with words!!!!!!! I have repeatedly described myself as an atheist – praise G-d. Dude get it right. The Gods do not depend upon whether I believe or don’t believe in them!!!!! Duh.

      28. The new testament theology by close comparison to your idiotic narishkeit that hinges upon “justice” … the NT theology does the exact same stupidity with the term “love”. Never not in the entire noise testament does any writer ever trouble themselves with giving a definition to the key term “love” upon which hangs the entire noise testament of the Gospels and the writings of Paul. Bunk on your empty theology which never defines, nor even attempts to define: JUSTICE.

      29. Another comparison both the rabbis who wrote the Talmud and the American revolutionaries who revolted against the British Crown, thousands of years apart from one another, both defined justice as lateral justice as opposed to vertical justice.

        Lateral Justice stands opposed to the British star courts vertical justice system. The Talmudic lateral justice system forbade the judges and prosecutors of the Court from receiving a salary from the State. The lateral justice system of the American revolutionaries – a jury system where a person, judged by his peers. Just as the person on trial does not get a salary from the State, so too the Jury which judges the case before the Court does not get a salary from the state.

        You jabber about with terms, justice for example, or Palestine as another example, where you know absolutely nothing about the subjects which you arrogantly presume to judge. That’s the definition of an idiot.

      30. I’ve applied justice in my life. I understand it very well. Stereotyping, intolerance. Racism. These are not the things of justice.

      31. Things excluded from justice, assists in defining a critical term … upon which you hang the mountain of your religious theology. But its simply not enough. Go peddle your papers.

      32. Bunk. Religioius philosophy spins around morality. Just b/c you place the two in different boxes in your brain does not change anything.

      33. No it doesn’t that’s bullshit. Morality and religion are not combined in any way. Religion is hypocrisy. Morality is human not religious.

      34. Utter drivel noise! Religion and Morality (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy): Morality and religion are connected in the Hebrew Bible primarily by the category of God’s command. Such commands come already in the first chapter of Genesis. God created by command, for example ‘Let there be light’ (Gen. 1:3).

        Your pie in the sky, pie in your eye theology – it stinks.

      35. And you claim to be an atheist! I am an atheist. I care not a jot for religion but I am the most moral person I know and I did not get it from corrupt religion. Morality is human.

      36. No. Never said I was an atheist. You sub human barbarian Europeans have an addiction, mental defect in your sanity, you just can not stop slander. Ya know racism starts with words!!!!!!! I have repeatedly described myself as an atheist – praise G-d. Dude get it right. The Gods do not depend upon whether I believe or don’t believe in them!!!!! Duh.

      37. No. Never said I was an atheist.
        I have repeatedly described myself as an atheist

        Are you schizophrenic????

      38. Ya left off “I have repeatedly described myself as an atheist – praise G-d”. Your inability to read has nothing to do with schizophrenia.

      39. Fool. You wrote: “And YOU claim to be an atheist!” This has no connection with “I have repeatedly described myself as an atheist. Are you schizophrenic???” Idiot YOU as opposed to I – addresses 2 separate people. LOL did you suffer from a brain stroke?

      40. Coward you hide behind words. Make empty declarations. 1st rule of an atheist praise God, I do not believe you any more than I believe in any God.

      41. You’re not making sense again Moshe.
        God is an imaginary supernatural being created by people – an attempt to explain the unknowable, give purpose to something without purpose and deal with our terror of death. It’s a psychological prop.
        Morality comes out of the minds of men/women. It is our humanity.
        Do you understand now?

      42. As an ant cannot define a human, so too and how much more so a human cannot define the Gods.

        Morality blah blah. Bring a source I do not accept your theology simply based sole upon your word.

      43. How do you know an ant cannot define a human??
        I can define gods – Imaginary supernatural fictions created by humans out of weakness and inability.

      44. Depends how you define it. Understanding their signals is understanding their language. They talk to me.

      45. Racism … “The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.” ~John Burroughs

        John Burroughs, Essayist, 1837-1921

      46. Racism its defined primarily through violent actions. Yes it usually starts with words. So what? Poisonous slander words ignite a chain reaction. Utterly silly to debate which came first the chicken or the egg. According to Rashi’s famous commentary to the Torah, the chicken came first.

      47. Definition of racism
        1: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
        Ladino elites used racism to justify the displacement and enslavement of the indigenous population, and these beliefs, along with the resentment created by the continued exploitation of indigenous land and labor, culminated in the Guatemalan Civil War (1960-1996).
        — Mariana Calvo
        … how do we begin undoing the processes of internalized hatred and internalized racism?
        — bell hooks
        also : behavior or attitudes that reflect and foster this belief : racial discrimination or prejudice (That’s what you do Moshe)

      48. No. These definitions do not apply to me. Am an atheist praise G-d. In both definitions “belief” its the thread upon which hangs both definitions. Your very much into “belief”, So (That’s what you do Opher). LOL

      49. I know. You make your own definitions up. Most fascists and racists do not like to think of themselves as merely being such. But they are. Make as many excuses as you like but if you go spouting racist nonsense, calling people subhuman and stereotyping people – who are racist.

      50. Instead of researching a subject you place subjects into simple a simple category something similar to placing a thing into a convenient box. Box thinkers expose themselves as morons.

      51. Holocaust deniers – defined as primarily people from Europe who attempt to foist mass European insanity upon the Jewish people.

      52. Fool. You speak Eye to I with the Gods. No you proclaim that you speak for the Jewish people. Vile sub human European scum like yourself – they have no shame.

      53. Holocaust denier??? Where do you get this silliness from?? How many times do I have to repeat myself before it penetrates into your skull?? I have never denied the holocaust! I think it was abominable – like so many other similar acts carried out by humans in the name of racism and religion. We are tribal nutcases and you exemplify that with your racism.

      54. You forgot again. You memory compares to a sieve. HaHaHa. Holocaust Denier: when a person of European descent attempts to foist collective European mass insanity ie Nazism upon Jews and Israel.

      55. More silly stereotypical racism. How would a silly racist like yourself explain someone like Schindler?

      56. An example of a European with a far higher moral standard than you. Doesn’t say much for your stereotypical racism does it?

      57. Yad VaShem records the righteous gentiles during the mass murder of the Shoah. They exist, but their numbers, you can count them almost on one hand!

      58. Like “Red Rose?” Yad VaShem validates the righteous gentiles. Very few righteous gentiles during that period of mass European insanity.

  1. Like not knowing that Britain established the border between Palestine mandate territory and Jordan, at the Jordan river. Ya just can’t cause the arrogant ignorant to accept knowledge.

    1. As if this has any importance what-so-ever. You are obviously happy with your racism and don’t believe in fairness and justice. The displaced people require reparation. Simple. They require being treated as equals.

      1. Jabbering about a subject you know nothing about … “as if this has any importance what-so-ever”. Case closed.

      2. I promote justice and fairness – not arrogance. Equality not arrogance, Tolerance not stereotyping. I just a person by what they say and do not by what race they are.

      3. You can not promote justice and fairness in the Middle East when you have no knowledge in depth upon the disputes in question. You read propaganda as ass -u-me that its accurately depicts reality! Something like the Western Allies who depicted the Germans in their propaganda as Barbarian Huns. ‘Tolerance not stereotyping’ another worthless cliche. The conflict of the middle East has nothing to do with a clash of races! Most uninformed foreigner. Arabs and Jews – both Semitic people. Comparable to the racial closeness of Swiss and Germans or Austrians and Germans, even Polish and Germans!

      4. Noise. Ya demand the right as a European barbarian to judge Jews….on par with a demand to do surgery and yet not know what even a scalpel does! Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

      5. Noise: any twit can make void declaration, comparable to farting in the wind. Bring one example from my communications (realize this might be a bit complex for your simple brain to comprehend, but you’re going to have to copy and paste) one example where my communications with you incited Yidden to attack Goyim.

        Balls in your court … LOL

      6. If Europeans can refer to Jews as “Christ Killers” and sub humans … post Shoah Israelis and Jews can slap Europeans in their faces with the exact same shoe.

      7. I have never done so. Neither have any of the people I know. The people that do are racists like you. I deplore them.

      8. Bunk. Germans born after WW1 had nothing to do with WW1, yet your Government held them guilty and forced them to pay war crimes reparations. Same ruling equally applies to you and All Europeans – guilty of the Shoah War Crimes.

      9. Same old stupid thinking. A man may be guilty of murder. That doesn’t make his son, brother or father guilty too.

      10. Bunk. The Treaty of Versailles definitively proves otherwise. You share the same common ground with Hitler. He despised teh Versailles Treaty.

      11. It’s you who promotes stereotyping, racism and arrogance – the tools of fascism that promote hatred and division leading to violence and war.

      12. Buddhism makes more sense than other religions. You don’t have to believe in an imaginary supernatural fairy.

  2. 19th Century Anarchism, like its Communist cousin, struggled with the impact of the Industrial revolution upon Western societies in the wake of the General European War, also referred to by historians as the Napoleonic Wars.  All branches of Socialism sought to enfranchise the common working man.  Similar to the later suffrage of women’s rights, and still later the opposition to the Jim Crow racial laws led by Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

    Political movements of enfranchisement require close comparison to other enfrancise revolts which opposed the existing status quo.  The Aparheid situation in South Africa immediately comes to mind.  A critical flaw in political science studies, a strong tendency to view Socialism – in all its many branches – divorced from all enfranchisement revolts in human history before and after.   Such an obvious error in judgment comes under and ultimately defines political reactionarism and irrational mob violence.

    Reactionary commentators who have but a shallow understanding of political science attempt to define Anarchism as: the absence of domination of the State; the freedom of the individual; the struggle to secure freedom, framed in the context of social solidarity, sharing, and cooperative labor among the proletariat class.  This simple and shallow definition fails to address the failure of vertical Courtroom justice systems whereby the State employs and pays the salary of the Judges, prosecuting attorneys, and police.  All the voluminous books and discussions on Socialism universally fail to address the inherent corruption of vertical courtroom systems of justice.
    The inherit corruption of this type of legal system, by its very nature this type of vertical Court systems protect the interests, and wealth of the rich and powerful with extreme prejudice, and crushes the common man with disproportionate gulag prison incarcerations.  The prophets of the T’NaCH denounced this form of legalized oppression and slavery of the poor the weak, specifically the widows and orphans.

    The story of the liberation of Israel from Egyptian slavery, it teaches a mussar יסודי that with freedom comes responsibility for both decisions and actions taken.  A primary mussar theme that expresses itself throughout Torat Moshe.  Freedom comes at a heavy price, free men must take and accept responsibility for their actions, especially when they impact the lives of other free persons.  Anarchism by contrast prizes individualism.  Alas man does not live in a vacuum.  Individual man has the freedom to swing his fist till it reaches the tip of some other persons’ nose.  From there on, freedom must balance with the equally important obligation: compensation for damages others suffer due to decisions and actions taken by a person who has freedom.  Simply put, human society requires justice, equal and on par with the need for freedom. 

    This most basic and fundamental requirement which all free people must have, the means to confront the opposing interests and persons whose skewed actions and behavior has caused others to endure suffering, shame, or damages.  Freedom without the responsibility to uphold and maintain a fair and righteous judicial system, produces tyranny, oppression, and ultimately Civil War.  The Torah, as the Constitutional יסוד upon which the Israeli Republic stands, its mussar of awareness of the finger of HaShem in and through the lives of the brit Cohen nation, it has no visions for international world order, and even less so for some abstract UN world governance.  Freedom and Justice both thrive on a local domestic front.  When foreign nations impose laws upon peoples of other nations, this abomination defines tyranny.   The examples set by the European empires in the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries forever defiles, and disgraces the dignity of man.

    Justice does not depend upon the constraints of religious morality nor the constraints of egoism self interest concerns and/or prejudices.  Free Man has an obligation to compensate others for the consequences of damages, resultant of decisions or actions taken which adversely impact the lives of others.  The purpose of lateral common law courts, they serve as the perpetual means which equals the playing field.  Based upon freedom, that a free people takes responsibility for their decisions and actions which affect the lives of others.

    Justice does not debate the merits or demerits of this economic system or that economic system.  Justice does not weigh in its scales any concept of Class struggle.  Justice seeks to uphold and protect the dignity of ‘free man’.  Intellectual notions of economics do not fall within the sphere of justice.  Rather: matters of damages inflicted upon others defines the scope of justice.  Man has the universal designation of guilt, and has the obligation to compensate all other free people whose lives – the decisions and actions taken by an individual or a group – these affected others require compensation for damages, sorrows, humiliation, and pain they experienced or endured.

      1. “Justice as Fairness: Political not Metaphysical” is an essay by John Rawls, published in 1985. (John Rawls, “Justice as Fairness: Political not Metaphysical,” Philosophy and Public Affairs 14 (Summer 1985): 223–51.) Even Rawls did not equate as you just did by saying “Justice is fairness”.

        Not interested in your preachy preach theology. I do not believe anything you say. Remember — am an atheist praise G-d.

      2. “repetition, repetition, repetition” … told you some three times in the past how I made a living in Israel … nothing penetrates that thick skull.

      3. Surprise, surprise, surprise … NOT. My moving company moved Yidden out of the land for peace unilateral withdrawal of Jews from Gaza.

      4. Bring one case of any moving company that goes by the title “removal” LOL. None exist. The name of my moving company: Shlepper for Hire. Shlepper, Yiddish for mover.

      5. Sure does. So does racist fascism, stereotyping and an inability to understand simple concepts.

      6. Dude it gives me no pleasure to talk down to you. But if you pretend to judge people and nations, then know the basics of court room policies and practices! Duh.

        You remind me Monty Python movie where the mob has dressed up a woman in their version of a witch. And one of the witnesses declares: “She turned me into a newt!”

      7. You’d never be able to do that Moshe.
        I am trying to imagine what someone with your abilities had as a career. Was it a sewage worker? A roadsweeper? Perhaps a shoe-shiner?

      8. keep guessing – that’s what ya always do. Ya know virtually nothing concerning the intricate and complex politics of Arab Israeli relations. Ya believe propaganda which makes you a useful tool, a toy puppet, a sheeple person.

        Ya only glance over my responses. Had you paid any attention what so ever, instead of rushing off your soap box preaching as if my responses made to you, where sometimes I quote your exact words … then you would have known that in previous communications I told you what exactly I did in Israel to make a living!!!!!

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