The Corona Diaries – Day 428

It’s been feeling like Coronavirus has gone these last few days. We have met up with all my kids and grandkids. These last few days I have had my youngest son and his girlfriend staying and we’ve been zooming around all over the place. Yesterday we went for the day to Scarborough. We walked around, climbed up on the cliffs and had a pint in a pub garden overlooking the sea.

Having people in the house is strange. We did not go inside anywhere and were socially distancing, wearing masks when going in shops, but even so it felt as if things were almost back to normal.

They aren’t though are they?

That virus is still lurking with all its variants. It’s raging around the world. We’re in a little bubble.

Tomorrow Dominic Cummings talks to the MPs about how the government have mishandled the pandemic. That should make for interesting listening – complacency, panic, dithering, incompetence, sleaze, vast waste of money, lies and deceit. I think we already know this – even if a lot of the population are still in thrall to our bumbling clown and refuse to see anything wrong with his corruption, laziness and ineptitude.

Wake up – the man’s a self-serving moron.

When we got the chance we played some Beatles, played poker and Rumikub, chilled out. Shared food and wine.

The pattern of our isolation has been broken.

I’m knackered!! I’m not used to this socialising. We’re off to York tomorrow!

Stay Safe!!

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