How to fuel extremism!

We see it so clearly – the cynical ploy of A Qaeda, Isis, Boko Haram, the Taliban and Hamas.

Use terror to create fear out of all proportion to the actual threat.

Make your targets spectacular (Two Towers, music concerts, underground).

Make your killings graphic and terrifying – beheadings, bombs stuffed with nails, random missiles.

Try to incite a response that is out of proportion that will create division – invasion, bombings – that will kill civilians.

Create, threat division and deaths.

Offer martyrdom.

Harvest the hatred.

Recruit a new army of recruits eager for revenge.

We see it now with Hamas. They are fueled through the long years of humiliation, racism and prejudice. They grow or fear and hate. Every death, every bit of destruction, every threat, every humiliation and injustice adds to their recruitment drive.

Wars breeds hate and extremism.

It’s a cycle that needs breaking!

War is a breeding ground for extremists.

War traumatises everyone.

The Middle East needs diplomacy, reparation and agreement to create a lasting peace and pull the rug out from under the feet of both Hamas scum and Jewish religious fanatics.

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