Chris Riddell – The start of a one-party state.

A one-party state is not good. It is the beginning of tyranny!! Boundar changes, voter registration, media control, voter ID, and the removal of the right to protest.

A nasty, slippery slope!!

4 thoughts on “Chris Riddell – The start of a one-party state.

  1. tsame here in states, but not tories: trumpists like leroy lyin dog. all just want power without any accountability. elimate protest, “those COMMIES”, access to voting needs to go for “those people.” gotta create 40% sprinkle more freedom and liberal sprinkles on fascism with a healthy dose of ‘patriot’ chocolate shavings thrown in….same old crap.

  2. I think people were always as stupid and mean as they now appear. now, there’s applause and ‘rewards” for being cruel, mean and stupid. that’s the appeal of trumpism and like movements. lots of kudos from “fellow jerks.” the decades of social and economic inequality are coming to fruit. the jerk squad can’t/won’t address causes, so just fucking over “the other” compensates, leaving jerks glowing in their stupid cruelty, fixing nothing.

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