Chris Riddell – The start of a one-party state.

A one-party state is not good. It is the beginning of tyranny!! Boundar changes, voter registration, media control, voter ID, and the removal of the right to protest.

A nasty, slippery slope!!

6 Ways the government is abandoning Human Rights

I was shocked!!

Only six??

Obviously Amnesty international has not thought about this enough.

I would have thought that continually lying about Brexit and the Corona Virus must surely be an infringement of human rights.

Then there are the take overs of the media – like the BBC being stuffed with Tories. Surely that is a move to a one-party state? An infringement of rights?

The changes to electoral boundaries??

The propaganda machine that operates through the newspapers?

Isn’t the incompetence that has resulted in 132,000 deaths an infringement of human rights?

Or the giving of billions of pounds to their chums?

Or the austerity programme of pay cuts for the poor and public servants?

Amnesty surely needs to do better than this!!

6 Ways the UK Is ‘Abandoning Human Rights’, According to Amnesty International (