28 thoughts on “Scottish Ospreys, Woodpeckers and other birds and a mouse.

      1. Science has pinpointed the exact age of earliest forms of life from carbon dating. They have pinpointed the age of the earth, sun and universe.

      2. How does nothingness became accurate for that is foundation bing bang……where did that “” Carbon” come from?

      3. So as there did with carbon ,and bing bang and now atheist……and now you too among them making things up which at end is nothingness

      4. If it’s a choice between nothingness and a lie – I’ll go for the nothingness. But I do not believe in nothingness George; I believe in life! It’s wonderful! I need no fabricated god.

      5. What is life because now at least you believe in something why can’t believe in whom Created the life and the beauty in the universe, if something happens in a bing bang theory is not that confusion of the elements you speak of but looking on the universe in view of Bible you see order but because of sin of man to deny the order of GOD then we see murder,hate,rape……………read the Bible again with open mind put down everything without ignorance…

      6. Don’t make another look bad to show you good but let goodness be seen on itself…….and what do you know apart from nothing

      7. No you don’t because you rely on studies written by men with a limited knowledge and so are we….

      8. That how we denied Him the son of God and killed Him because of unbeliever

      9. You believe in nothing,you give nothing, you complain about everything most religion, you admit a mind as a limit and again you say carbon is accurate does the the one who Said has the same mind as us,……bing bang as a limit and it doesn’t give us a any moral guidances,no time only billionsof years why can’t science fix getting old issue,death issue, and the issue you complain about now you what also to believe in nothing is not that what religion do offer….is only. Jesus Christ who offers something not nothing

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