14 thoughts on “A Red Squirrel

      1. Who knows. You are asking the questions for which the human brain is incapable of understanding.

      2. Then how did you come to the understand that there’s no GOD if you confess that the mind as a limit? And do you hold on or lean on your on understand of things?

      3. Because the stories do not hold up. They explain nothing. Religion is all about silly made up stories and power.

      4. Have you not also confirmed believe in nothing then Why complain about another Nothing

      5. There’s an answer Mr Opher But only if you could seek it in the Bible

      6. …we don’t have to tell people this is rubbish because any can know it’s rubbish but what is not men try to prove it is but it’s not

  1. red squirrels were the native squirrels here until the larger gray squirrels were imported as a food source about 120 years ago. the reds are staging a “comeback.”

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