Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAAaaANnnnnEEeeee in Isolation – Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief

Such a great album with the wonderful Sandy Denny and Richard Thompson.

Fairport Convention ~ Liege & Lief ~ Full Album – YouTube

116 thoughts on “Today’s Music to keep me SsSSAAaaANnnnnEEeeee in Isolation – Fairport Convention – Liege and Lief

  1. Jews in Europe had grown to constitute 83% of world Jewry in 1900. They now account for merely 9% of the total number of Jews worldwide, according to the study.

    The BBC’s daily show, Politics Live, chose to respond to protests from British Jews over the Labour Party’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner’s remark congratulating the new head of the Scottish Labour Party, Anas Sarwar, on his appointment. Rayner described Sarwar, who is of Pakistani descent, as “the first-ever ethnic minority leader of a political party anywhere in the UK”. Why non-Jews, suddenly presume, to tell Jews what they were or were not?

    The show’s anchor, Jo Coburn, Jewish herself, suggested: “Many Jews have succeeded in reaching high political office, and therefore don’t need to be seen as a group needing recognition in the same way as others.” Underlying her comment, the belief that Jews do not exist as a minority at all, because they enjoy the status, unlike Blacks for example, to have power. The exact charge made by the notorious: Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe the Jewish concealed plan to advance their global domination. The hoax, proven as a plagiarized from several earlier sources, aimed to slander and justify Russian pogrom war crimes, toward the conclusion of the 19th Century. First published in Russia in 1903 this organized public slander of Jews has captured and held the attention of groups and societies who view Jews with hostility.

    Jews constitute some 0.3 per cent of the UK population. The notion which equates economic success with political power, reflects a National Socialist position which produced abhorrent war crimes. Responding to the row after the show, the BBC’s head of politics, Rob Burley, tweeted: “According to the Government — not Politics Live! — Jews aren’t an ethnic group in the UK.” He followed this up by linking to a government page that lists 18 ethnic groups recommended for official use when asking about someone’s ethnicity. Jews excluded from that list. However, the site makes clear that the government had considered adding “Roma, Sikh, Jewish and Somali ethnic groups” to the 2021 census.

    In Britain and western society, Jewish populations form a minority, they have a different group identity distinct from the ethnic make-up of the majority Goyim populations. The fundamental difference between the ethnic status of Jewish populations before the Shoah and Jewish populations after the Independence of the Jewish State – the Jewish people have ceased existing in the degraded status of refugee populations who have no country of our own.

    The real confusion, as the beleaguered Cohen observed on Politics Live, arises because many people believe Judaism exist only as a religion. This confusion comes as a result of Church oppression. The Dogma of ‘Free Will’ permitted Jewish refugee populations, scattered across Western Europe, the freedom to believe in God as their religion so determined.

    Today, its the 25 day, 3 weeks and 4 days, of the Omer. Jews count the Omer to remove avoda zara, something akin to La’van who pursued after Yaacov in his search to recover his stolen God. The revelation of the Torah at Sinai, an event remembered through observance of the Chag Shevuoth, occurred before the freed slaves of Egypt had conquered the oath sworn lands of Canaan. Israel accepted the Torah revelation, encompassed in the opening first two commandments. [The failure of the church to understand that the Torah commands mussar; (Mussar defines prophesy), the editing of the Torah “10 commandments” links the Torah revelation unto the 10 plagues of Egypt]. Therefore the ancient Israelites, who accepted the Torah revelation, as revealed in the 1st two commandments, directly compare to pre-Jewish State refugee status of exiled Jewry living under Church oppressive misrule.

    Confusion over the status of Jews today arises to the limitation, which Goyim attempt to foist upon Jews that limits the Cohen nation restricted only to ritual halachic beliefs observances. Goyim do not recognize the Cohen status of the Chosen People. Like all assimilated Jews, Goyim have no conscious awareness of the distinction between tohor and tuma. These two critical concepts of consciousness serve as the foundation of the Oral Torah logic system format which permits all generations of the Cohen people to interpret the original intent of the Framer of the Constitution of the Torah Republic. The Church, on pain of death, forbade Jewish refugee populations, scattered across Western Europe by the Romans, to discuss Torah as a political, Constitutional idea. Therefore Judaism, the Church defined as merely a religion.

    Stateless refugees have no rights. Hence Goyim habitually feel at ease to impose their assumption that Jews exist as Christ killer interlopers. But since the victories in 1948 and 1967, Jews have reconquered our homelands and Xtian refugees rot waiting for the second coming of Jesus son of Zeus. Herein explains the European hostility to the success of the Jewish people governing our homelands, and their fervent attempts to promote Civil War; which European governments conceal with the label of: “Peace and the two State Solution”.

      1. So you have nothing to say, therefore you baffle with bull shit with your incomprehensible “intransigence and excuses”. Loser.

      2. No question about that … you’re full of bull shit. But you have virtually no evidence by which you preach your theological dogmatism.

      3. The preacher proclaims: everything i preach – its the truth. Folks who do not buy my preach, they therefore must be indoctrinated. Arrogant bull shit.

      4. Fascist Weekly
        New for aspiring Nazis
        KKK News
        Neofascist Times
        Propaganda for Right-Wing fools
        Lies, Lies and more Lies

      5. I’ve never denied the holocaust or the pogroms, crusades, inquisitions, Stalin’s purges, Mao’s genocides, Pol Pot’s lunacy, Rwanda massacres, Turkey’s Armenia genocide or any other. It seems that’s more your territory Moshe.

      6. Lies. Coward that you slime, continually your bullshit attempts to equate Israel with European Nazism. Evil dog.

      7. A QAnon believer, who smashed his way into the Capitol, believed he’d stormed the White House, FBI affidavit says. Yo Ass Hat, QAnon its supported by the DemoRAT socialist party. Idiot.

      8. Once more you shit your brains? Ass Hat

        What exactly does “QAnon” mean?

        The whole thing started on 4chan. An anonymous user going by “Q,” a reference to the highest level of security clearance, began posting in October of last year. According to Q, who claims to be one or more people high in the Trump administration, all past presidents have been involved in shadowy criminal dealings centered mostly on an international pedophile ring and a global sex trade of child slaves. Featuring prominently in this are the usual boogeyman: Barack Obama, the Clintons, George Soros, the whole gang. Idiot.

      9. Bunk. You support fascism by your coward attempts to foists the sub human crimes of Europeans upon the Jewish people. Utterly detestable, vile.

      10. Ahhh now your theology declares me as ‘devil infested’. Ya claim i sold my soul to Satan. Shall you demand that I be burned at the stake like your forefathers – evil one and all – tortured & murdered innocent women based upon their theological declaration that those women were guilty of witchcraft.

      11. I think you’ve finally completely lost it Moshe! Get better soon. Keep taking the medicine!

        I’ll write slowly as I can see you find it hard to read fast.
        a. As an antitheist I detest all religion (our worst invention) and hence practice no theology.
        b. I do not believe in the devil.
        c. I do not believe in Satan.
        d. I do not believe in souls.
        e. I detest the persecution of the old pagan religion (called witchcraft)
        f. I detest violence.
        g. I do not want you burnt at any stake. I want you treated for your illness and cured so you can live a normal life without all these delusions.

      12. Ya Ya Ya Ass Hat pretends himself to be Judge Jury and Prosecution. Move on nothing to see here — poor pathetic Ass Hat. Your declarations of being an anti-theist, really quite humorous. Theology its all about declarations of belief without any proof. That sums up just about every word you have ever written. I, I, I, taken in the negative since. Poor mirror all belief systems theological or atheist begin with the word “I”. Self centered Egotistical moron.

      13. Coward sap for brains, ya cringe to take responsibility for European war crimes committed against humanity – – throughout history.

      14. Rubbish again. I make no excuses for the long list of war crimes committed by my nation.
        But – I am not responsible.
        I’ve opposed them.
        These wars were organised by our leaders. They exploited us, the ordinary people, too. We are all victims.
        War is wrong.
        It is you who deny the wrongness of wars and violence perpetrated by the Jews.

      15. An example of preaching a theology of lies: “It is you who deny the wrongness of wars and violence perpetrated by the Jews.” Declarations with no supporting evidence = shit.

      16. No – I think war is nearly always wrong. The only time it is possibly justified is to overthrow a truly evil regime.
        I don’t make a judgement on the rights or wrongs of the wars to set up or maintain the state of Israel.
        Israel now exists and needs to be recognised. But the way the Jews treat the displaced Palestinians is wrong.

      17. War happens just as do bowel movements. Your personal opinion does not mean shit. You say Jews treat stateless Arab refugee population wrong. HOW? Again your opinion does not amount to shit. Bring evidence from 3rd Party sources.

      18. OK your 1st Source Amnesty International, compares to the Guardian and the New York Times. What does it mean? Like getting a pro-Trump News report from CNN haha fat chance.

        Your 2nd source: again from the bias Amnesty International. A challenge to objectivity – – bring a single pro Israel praise written and published by Amnesty International. This source compares to a pro Nazi rag that amazingly denounces Hitler!!! It simply does not happen. So this 2nd source also not respected.

        Your 3rd source: I too respect Wiki. I turn to the racism of the Arab revolt in 1936 where Arabs made a pogrom against Jews in the British mandate territories. Ask yourself the simple question: try for once to remove your blinders; why does that Arab revolt of 1936 go by the name “Arab Revolt” and not “Palestinian Revolt”??????? Answer: for Arabs living in the British mandate territory of “Palestine”, they would have acknowledged and accepted the British Palestine Mandate. The Arab Revolt pointedly rejected the British Palestine mandate which the League of Nations awarded to the British and French following WW1.

        Yes I already know, based on your history of responses, that you will totally ignore this question. Why? Because your limited mind simply cannot understand the question. Therefore you will ignore the question raised and pretend that it was never placed upon the table of public debate. But the question of Arab Revolt and NOT Palestinian Revolt, seems to me qualifies as definitive evidence that the current Arab refugee populations residing in Israel today — they have no connection whatsoever with the European imperialist term “Palestine”.

        Again, I write in the full knowledge that you Ass Hat have lived your entire life as an utter moron. That you will ignore this response to your 3rd source – Wiki – and if you do not delete my response, b/c of cowardice, that you shall present more of YOUR talking points completely devoid of the objections which stand against and oppose your silly political stupidity and ignorance. Prove me wrong Ass Hat, that’s a dare – comparable to a slap in the face with a glove challenging you to a duel. A duelist cannot ignore the possibility that the opposing others’ bullet fight might just kill them. But writing on a blog, at least up to the present moment, you have shown that your ability to respond to a debate exists by totally ignoring the challenges raised against you by declaring:”I do not understand almost everything you wrote.” And then ignoring those issues raised as if they did not exist at all.

        Your 4th source: Human Rights Watch, its like the others – other than Wiki – you cannot bring a positive Israel story from that source either. Biased as opposed to objective sources that bring both positive and negative news information. This you simply cannot comprehend. For you its either black or white. Against the Jewish State or For the Jewish State. Your bipolar logic works well for computers. But Ass Hat, you’re a human being not a computer.

        Your 5th source NBC Noise – a pro Democrat propaganda organ quotes Human Rights Watch.
        Your 6th source the BBC – England has a foreign policy which favors the division of the Jewish State … otherwise known as the 2 State Solution. An idiot fool, that’s a person, or government which does a failed policy and then repeats the same failed policy in the hope of achieving a different result. Chamberlain made a two state solution with the Czech state in 1938. Post WW2 Allies made a 2 state solution with Germany and Berlin. The British empire made a 2 State solution with India and Pakistan. All these 2 State solutions failed. Jews personally witnessed the European “Final Solution”. The arrogant ICC assumes it has the mantle mandate to Judge the Jewish State! Hogwash. Post Shoah, Europe its done judging Jews. For Ever.

        Your 7th source: Seattle Times I can not comment upon b/c i don’t base my knowledge of Israeli politics upon news papers. So, unlike you — I shall copy and paste the opening thesis statement of the article and respond to it.

        “A central debate within the U.S. Jewish community involves Zionism and its relationship to Judaism. In the recent anthology “Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism: Stories of Personal Transformation,” 40 rabbis, scholars and activists reflect on their particular intellectual and emotional journeys that began with an unquestioning love of Israel. Like the other contributors, I became aware that the ideology of Jewish nationalism and the policies of the Israeli government have corrupted my concept of Judaism and its central religious and cultural values.”

        Zionism: Israeli Nationalism just that simple. Orthodox Judaism prior to Israeli National Independence in 1948 opposed Zionism. Neturei Karta to this day opposes the existence of the Jewish state.

        “I experienced an awakening as I learned from the Israeli and Palestinian historians who gained access to newly opened state archives that told the story of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. As I began to travel and work in the region, my connections with progressive Jewish Israelis and Palestinians became a force that I could not turn back. Standing at an Israeli checkpoint in the West Bank with hundreds of mostly Palestinian women and children waiting for a 20-year-old, heavily armed Israeli soldier; sifting through the puzzles, broken dishes, Legos and underwear in the rubble of a bombed neighborhood in Gaza; listening to women who grabbed their children and ran from Israeli bombs in 2014, stumbling over blood and shattered bodies — these are all experiences that cannot be “unseen.”

        This led me to question Zionism, the ideology of Jewish nationalism, where the creation and defense of a Jewish state is the only viable answer to anti-Semitism. I learned that this is a modern idea born out of European Jew-hatred.”

        Yo Ass Hat to hold a legit debate ya have to copy and paste edited portions of the opposing opinion. Its not correct to ignore the opposing opinion with the excuse: “I do not understand what you wrote”.
        American Jewry has witness a horrible assimilation to American culture. Assimilation: according to Jewish sources of T’NaCH and Talmud, assimilation defines the 1st face of avoda zara. Yes Ass Hat its obvious you don’t give a hoot about such subjects. But Jewish culture and customs shapes the perspective Israeli Jews like myself see the world. Every time throughout Jewish history, disasters have stuck Jewish communities when the vast majority of Jews assimilated to the cultures and customs practiced by the countries that Jewish refugee populations happened to inhabit.

        Again we go back to the fool idiot who repeats the failed gambit in the hopes of getting a different result! Anti-Semitism as a term, its definition has change several times in the last 150 years. Post Shoah anti-semitism took on a completely different definition that pre Shoah anti-semitism. Pre-Shoah anti-semitism of the late 19th century had a completely different definition than the Nazi anti-semitism. This writer employs the term “anti-Semitism”, and gives no definition, just like you, of how he defines the term.

      19. Fortunately, I have never had to fight in any war and neither have my children. War is a primitive tribal scourge – a throwback. No wonder you support it.
        I think it stinks and want a more civilised world free of racism and tribalism – you know – a world where one people don’t victimise another group of people – like the Jews do to the Palestinians.

      20. Bunk you have … according to your own admission no experience fighting a war. So stop the theology pretense that YOU KNOW WHAT DEFINES THE MEANING OF WAR. Idiot.

      21. I don’t think that understanding what constitutes a war is a difficult concept to grapple with. I’m surprised you find such subjects difficult to grasp.

      22. Imbecile. I have no experience in murder, rape, child abuse or war. I don’t need personal experience to know some things are wrong.

      23. Oh yes??? So what did I ever do to kill any Jews???
        That is like me saying that you are responsible for the extermination of mammoths and sabre-toothed tigers.
        Extremely childish.

      24. What did Jewish refugee populations have anything to do with the mythology of Jesus son of Zeus??? Same 3 question marks. Ass Hat.

      25. Who cares?? Religion is a made up nonsense. None of it is worth wasting time on except to wonder at the imagination and scheming of man.

      26. Holocaust denier, the Torah functions as the foundation of Jewish society. Idiot. Such blatent stupidity comparable to me saying Who cares what the Monarch of England says? An archaic bunch of human ramblings.

      27. I’ve put up posts about the Holocaust – far from denying it I have been a strong ridiculed of all deniers (likewise with many other genocides – North American Native Indians, Cambodians, Chinese, Russians, Australian aborigines, New Zealand Maoris, Tasmania aborigines, many Africans, Rwandans, Armenians. It’s a long disgusting list!!

      28. Bunk. You have repeatedly attempted in my presence to associate the European criminal insanity upon the Jewish people. Fuck YOU.

      29. You talk Bull Shit … Ass Hat. Remember Bobby Sands an IRA member who died of a hunger strike. As support personally went 6 days without food or water.

        Bobby Sands died on 5 May, 1981, 40 years ago this week. This article recounts how he became inspired to join the Irish republican struggle and to lead the 1981 hunger strike against the criminalisation of political prisoners.Bobby Sands was born in 1954 in Rathcoole, a predominantly loyalist district of north Belfast. His twenty-seventh birthday fell on the ninth day of his 66-day hunger strike. His sisters Marcella, one year younger, and Bernadette, were born in April 1955 and November 1958, respectively. All three lived their early years at Abbots Cross in the Newtownabbey area of north Belfast. A second son, John, now nineteen, was born to their parents John and Rosaleen, now both aged 57, in June 1962.

      30. I remember Bobby Sands and the terrible Irish troubles. We still have the hateful IRA and equally bad Loyalists. They are a bunch of insane murderers who torture, murder and blow up innocent people. The whole lot of them on both sides are a stain on humanity. Skulking terrorists.

      31. 4th source Human Rights Watch … Neil Rimer, co-chairman of Human Rights Watch (HRW), which last month accused Israel of practicing “apartheid,” runs a Swiss-based venture-capital fund that invests tens of millions of dollars in Israeli start-ups, The Jerusalem Post reported Sunday.

      32. Ya just repeated your early 7 sources. Total waste of time. Idiot. In scholarship its called “padding a bibliography”. A totally trief practice. Measure for measure Ass Hat you’re a totally trief person.

      33. You want more than seven?? I could supply you with a thousand – but you’d discount them all because they aren’t from Fascist Weekly.

      34. Bunk. You repeated the original 7, you did not introduce 14 sources – dog face. Addressed in specific detail, Wiki for example, all your 7 sources. You dim wit never addressed not one of the talking points which I raised on these 7 sources which you cheat, you repeated on the assumption that multitudes could baffle me with your bull shit. Its the 2nd time you have pulled such a trief stunt. Ass Hat.

      35. You are silly. If seven isn’t enough how many do you need. I could probably manage a thousand or two.

      36. Responded to all 7. But the idiot did not consider not any of the 7 responses. In point of fact, you only write your opinion devoid of any other viewpoint than your own. Moron.

      37. Ya 1st source: Amnesty’s financial mismanagement; repeated examples of “lawfare”; systematic flaws in the reporting of human rights abuses; limited understanding of armed conflict leading to erroneous claims and incorrect analysis; and violation of the universality of human rights, including a consistent institutionalized bias against Israel through double-standards.

      38. The violations of human rights are evident for all to see. You wriggle. They exist. The Jews have become the Nazis they rail against.

  2. Is America Still Behind Us? Ask our Enemies
    by Victor Rosenthal

    Meanwhile, the increasingly powerful left wing of the Democratic Party has been flexing its muscles: Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, as well as other Democratic officials, spoke to the convention of the phony “pro-Israel pro-peace” J Street organization, calling for the ouster of PM Netanyahu and the restriction of military aid to Israel, and falsely saying that Israel was obligated by international law to provide Covid vaccinations to Palestinians in the PA and Gaza. They also excoriated former president Trump for his pro-Israel actions. Warren’s speech was particularly harsh.

    Israelis are worried about the rioting in Jerusalem developing into another “stabbing intifada” like the period between 2015 and 2018 in which Palestinian terrorists murdered dozens of Jews. They are concerned that the rocket fire from Gaza will escalate into yet another war, in which hundreds of rockets a day will fall on Israeli towns and cities as far north as Tel Aviv. They can imagine the northern border erupting into a war with Hezbollah like the one in the summer of 2006; only this time, Hezbollah has 130,000 rockets that can hit every point in Israel. And of course, they can see Iran obtaining nuclear bombs under the protection of an international agreement that will criminalize Israel’s actions to prevent it.

    They also know that Western media will cover all of these occurrences by following the now-standard procedure of “it all started when Israel hit back.” The disturbances in Jerusalem, in particular, have been presented as state-supported Jewish extremism, rather than what they were, primarily an outbreak of vicious Arab violence against soft targets which triggered a (rare and universally condemned) Jewish response. I can only imagine how another war with Hamas or Hezbollah would play in the NY Times and on CNN and NPR.

    1. All aid should be stopped until such time as the Jews stop stealing more land, stop harassing and victimising Palestinians and a stable two party state is established on equitable lines.
      Until then there will always be stabbings and war.

      1. Some of the Leftist (Ass Hat) hatred of Israel is motivated by old-fashioned antisemitism (beliefs in Jewish “control” etc.) but most of it is just the regular Leftist hatred of success in others.

      2. I am not a racist, antisemitic or jealous. I just stand for fairness, tolerance and justice. I can’t abide arrogance, fascism and intolerant racism – such as the Jews are displaying towards the Palestinians.

      3. You live in a fantasy world where reality is warped Moshe. I don’t deny the Holocaust. Can’t you read??

      4. Holocaust denier – guilty guilty guilty. You don’t like it when your own stupidity its shoved down your throat as if you were a goose whose liver would later be served on the menu. HaHaHa. If you can, without evidence declare that Jews stole Arab lands then in turn I can call you, without evidence a Holocaust denier. Idiot.

      5. Is there any shred of rational logic in anything you say?? I get this picture of you in a straitjacket in a cell ranting away. Careful, it’s a full moon soon.

      6. Well you are right about the brain at least. Most of the brain is made up of very fatty myelin sheath – necessary for insulating neurones. Without fat it doesn’t work.

      7. Stupid religious people doing horrendous things in the name of god – should all be locked up forever!

      8. Moron call a spade a spade, Honor Killings occur when male dominated Arab or Muslim family heads feel challenged by some female family member.

      9. Devil worship: attributing all evil to a single thing. In your stupidity Ass Hat, that single thing of your Devil worship – religion.

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