Poetry – Life


Green sap,

Red blood,

Blue blood

And plasm.

Mix them up

With membranes,


And a spasm.

Grow them

On a planet

In an interlocking


For feeding

In a web

Is the way

That life works.

Opher 18.5.2016


Somehow we humans like to put ourselves apart, on a higher rung of the ladder than anything else.

We think we are better and more highly evolved.

We are not.

We are not the biggest.

We are not the most complex.

We may not even be the most intelligent.

All organisms on this planet started from the same cell. We have all, no matter how simple or complex, evolved for exactly the same length of time.

We are no more evolved that the simplest bacterium.

All life in this rich pageantry on this planet is interconnected in a complex web that sustains us all.

It is that web that we are now damaging.

It is the equivalent of deliberately taking out the intravenous drip.

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