Poetry – Life that hopes

Life that hopes

Light, heat and love,

Water and air,

Chemicals and proteins,

Feather, scale and hair;

Dreams and aspirations,


To dare to care.

Opher 18.5.2016

Life that hopes

We are all related – all life – all stemming from one single miraculous cell.

Evolution has caused us to fan out into a spectrum of possibility. Our variety is immense and wondrous.

We call ourselves nature.

We are not apart from nature, we are part.

I was thinking about the components of life when I wrote this poem. How, from the basic elements of water, chemistry, light, heat and air, we have evolved this amazing spectrum of complexity.

We dream and aspire to build, create and destroy. We kill and give life. We nurture and we inflict pain.

My wish is that I can but hope that our caring, tolerant, wise side will prevail over our cruel and vicious mean side.

It is the eternal battle of light and dark.

I can but offer hope. I think we’ll do it.

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