Poetry – Memory


I am a collage of memories –

Some sharp and full of colour,

Others hazy in misty greys,

Some manufactured and adapted,

And most forgotten.

My life is made up

Of ionic changes,

In membranes,

Down fibres,

Trapped in the maze of my brain.

My personality

Is electricity.

Opher 18.5.2016


What are we?

What is our identity?

Is it our consciousness?

Is it our memory?

The essence of what and who we are is contained in our brains.

That brain is made up of billions of cells with long strands of interconnecting neurones. They form a meshwork of firing that contains our thoughts, dreams, memories, actions and personality. Our consciousness is contained within the chemical reactions on membranes that create ionic changes that cause nerves to fire.

We understand what happens on a subcellular level but that does not explain the reality of consciousness. We are fooling ourselves if we think that. I do not put any spiritual significance to it. I merely reflect that I am boggled by the whole process.

For me the working of the brain, the wonders of cellular activity that creates consciousness, is as spectacularly awesome as the nature of the universe itself. Our consciousness is the wonder of life.

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