Poetry – A World of Plenty

A World of Plenty

In a world of plenty

There’s only enough for some.

The rest will have to wait

For the next kingdom to come.

But there isn’t a next kingdom.

They made that one up

To keep people in their place

And shore the system up.

Everybody plays the game

To keep the system going.

Where it will all end up

There is no way of knowing.

They tread the peasants down

To keep them in their place.

Maintaining this unequal order

Is imposed upon the whole race.

Opher – 28.3.2021

The hierarchy is maintained for the benefit of those at the top and the detriment of most people. People only get what they are prepared to fight for. Without unions and social struggle those at the bottom live in destitution.

The wealthy elite run a system for the benefit of the wealthy elite. They use their wealth and power to buy privilege, to lobby and rule.

Money makes money.

The club runs the world.

Unfairness rules!

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