Poetry – Imagine


Imagine a world with no dance;

A world of silence

Filled only by prayer,

Where no music stirs the soul.

Conceive a world without fashion

Or cosmetics.

Where women are hidden

Behind the bars

Of a social prison.

Think of a world where history is denied

But which is trapped

Within a medieval system

Of primitive law.

Envisage a world without sport

Or fun.

Where entertainment

Is a sin.

Visualise a world where science

Is denied,

Ruled by superstition

And words written in ages past.

Picture a world where society

Celebrates slavery, martyrdom,

Mutilation and death.

There are those who believe

God demands a drab

And soulless life

Based on mindless recitation

And total acceptance.

I am not one of these.

Opher 16.5.2016


Fundamentalism is a contagious disease that is inherited through a vaccination of ignorance, as one generation injects the venom into their children.

Once someone accepts that every word of their holy book is sacred, is the exact word of god, must be taken literally and acted upon, they are lost.

It is the end of tolerance and freedom. There is no discussion.

Once a parent believes that they have the right, in fact the imperative, to brainwash their children into the same doctrine, they are all lost. There is no doubt or questioning.

Once a person accepts that the only truth is the version they hold and all other ‘truths’ are wrong we are on the road to division, hatred and war.

Once a person believes that women a lesser breed and should be segregated, hidden away, disabused of rights and freedoms, and always hidden from male gaze, we have abuse.

Once someone denies science, entertainment, music, sport and dance we are heading for a totalitarian fascism.

Once we have a regime that accepts mutilation, torture, slavery, arbitrary execution and martyrdom we have a society without human rights.

Fundamentalism is a scourge of insanity that needs opposing in all its forms.

The world I want to live in is alive with fun, beauty, tolerance, variety, fairness, freedom, awe, wonder and justice.

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