The Corona Diaries – Day 371

Fabulous day today in Yorkshire. The sun is shining and it’s warm. I walked up my hill to find spring had really started up. There were banks of white wood sorrel, yellow celandine and clumps of beautiful violets! So beautiful

There were sky larks singing in the sky.

The only thing that spoilt it was this real gusty wind.

Back home I’ve been outside painting gates.

Inside I’ve been writing my Sci-fi book and listening to some Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks!

Out in Coronaland there is fear ratcheting up about the variants. They are worried that some of them are going to make the vaccine useless. That is why they don’t want people travelling. I think it’s already too late. They’ve had the borders open for too long and they have not sorted out the Track and Trace yet. Perhaps Dido needs another 37 Billion?

Out in Brazil Bolsonaro is still acting like a jerk. He refuses to lockdown and the virus is going berserk. He’s a lesson for all of us! Thankfully the States got rid of Trump or they would be as bad!

I want more information!!

I want some answers!

I want to know how many variants are loose in the country, how they work with the vaccine and what my risk is?

When I get my second vaccination I should be back to normal. Do we get to go back to normal. If not why not?

The R rate is going up due to schools going back. Is this OK? Well it might be as long as not too many people get ill. In many ways it doesn’t matter how many people get covid-19. It matters how many people get seriously ill and die.

As long as all the vulnerable people are vaccinated and the variants are shut down quick we should have normality.

Those that choose not to be vaccinated choose their own risk!

What we should now be seeing are lots of health checks. In the Asia countries distance thermometer readings are standard. Airports, shops, anywhere – you have your temperature taken. Anybody with elevated temperatures is isolated.

Why don’t we do that here? No wonder we have such a high death rate. We are not proactive or efficient.

So as the R rate climbs again, a third wave, threatening to be the worst wave of all, is heading through Europe, and we start coming out of lockdown (We can meet up outside from today!), the only thing we can be certain of is that MP’s like Rees-Mogg and government cronies will continue to make more millions – all courtesy of the British tax payer (which usually doesn’t include the rich who have their tax scams!).

I hope they will be a day of reckoning when these inept people will be held accountable!!

No – of course not! I was dreaming.

Stay safe!! Spring is here!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 371

  1. Opher, you aren’t cynical enough. It isn’t that they don’t want people travelling because they fear new virus variants. Rather, they raise fear of new variants because they don’t want people freed up to travel. You might call that a “conspiracy theory,” but it’s how the state apparatus works. As I said before, re-read Machiavelli’s “The Prince.”

    And you support sentencing people to house arrest on the basis of “distance thermometer readings?” Where is your concern for the rule of law, and for innocence until proven guilty?

    Anyway, the weather down here today is beautiful. And on my walk around the lake yesterday, I saw the white goose chased into the water by a tiny, but very spirited, dog; less than half her size!

    1. Lol Neil. I’d hardly call it house arrest!
      You see – I can’t think of any good reason why they would not want people to travel. There are multibillion pound industries in travel that are going bust. It’s in their interest to open things up.

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