The Corona Diaries – Day 355

Today was the same as other days. I’m stuck in a groundhog day scenario. It was cold, blowy and sunny.

In the morning I stayed in and edited my Harper book. I even read a little and wrote a little. I went for a walk up my hill and fed my adopted horses with carrots.

It’s a repeating pattern.

I did not see any friends. I did not go anywhere. We had no visits from friends or relatives. The only thing remotely different was that i watched the England rugby match.

Tonight we’ll watch a drama or film and tomorrow it starts all over again. Days run into days. It’s a job to know which day of the week it is.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the Tories are getting the credit for the hard work of the NHS in carrying out the vaccination programme. If only they had given Track and Trace to the NHS that might have worked too – but I suppose none of their chums would have profited from that!!

I’m looking forward to my second jab in the next four weeks. Can’t wait. I shall feel invincible.

They are talking of a third booster at the end of the summer. That will be to pick up the variants.

I feel sorry for the unvaccinated. As they begin to open up the country those people become more and more vulnerab;le. I’m expecting many deaths and a big surge. We might even have to shut down again.

I wonder how much New Zealand have had to spend on Track and Trace and useless apps? I bet they have spent a fraction of us. £37 billion is going to take the nurses and teachers, the shelf stackers, drivers, garbage collectors and other key workers a long time to pay back. Perhaps they will ask the profiteers and cronies to contribute a quid or two out of the goodness of their hearts. Silly me.

Stay safe – we still have a bumpy ride (that’s what happens when you drive over a pile of dead bodies.)

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 355

  1. For what it’s worth Opher, we have what you call the Track and Trace system here. Not sure if it’s the same as you are referring to. Allows contact tracing if someone has tested positive. However it relies on public compliance. As far as I can tell it is proving to be useful. Problem is not everyone is happy to use it. It’s a simple system to use. Mbl ph click on the QR code image in each place you go once the app is downloaded. If no ph, then a sign in form The data, we are told, is not stored beyond a month (I think). Vaccine rollout here has started but as expected hit a few hitches so not as quick as initially planned. Some of that is due to supply issues from overseas. Anti-vaccers are protesting , as they do.
    Hang in there, Opher.

    1. Hi Raili, So good to hear from you. You have gone missing from my entries. Are you still blogging??
      The Track and Trace system here is an enormously expensive system. They are supposed to contact everyone that has been in contact with an infected person and tell them to get a test and isolate. They have been useless. There was a phone app that nobody uses that was another hugely costly failure. It was meant to tell you if you had been in the vicinity of an infected person.
      They are giving all these billions of pound contracts away to incompetent people who are Tory donors. It’s a farce. They are getting away with murder.
      Stay safe Raili. Oz seems to be doing a far better job.

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