Poetry – An Endless Poem

An Endless Poem

Endless seas

To sail to infinity and over the edge

To dump our garbage and swill

With ease.

Endless skies

To carry the sighs of our smoke

And the winds would carry off ours woes

And cries.

Endless trees

Forests like oceans of waving pleas

To chop and clear and burn

As we please.

Endless water

For our industrial waste to sully

The crystal clear gully with sour taste

And never falter

Endless meat

To tease and tame, butcher and kill

To have our fill and leave to rot

Not eat.

Endless room

To spread into and conquer.

Wilderness and forest both incur

The gloom.

Endless life

To squander, waste and fill

With party kisses, frivolity without taste

And strife.

But now it is our numbers that are endless

Our technology that reduces space and time

We have machines to commit any crime

Endless has an end that is far less.

Opher 19.1.2015

An Endless Poem

Everywhere I look there are people, slums, dirt, garbage and beauty. Such a short while ago the planet was so huge, the great oceans a voyage of years and the endless jungles impenetrable. The waters were pure and life in such teeming abundance that we took it all for granted. Beauty was extant.

Beauty is there but it is on the run. Where it is preserved it is tidied up and served up to be consumed and devoured by the hordes. Nowhere is inaccessible. We are a sphere of tourist attraction.

And still the numbers grow, the human tide sweeps through the beautiful and leaves a wake of plastic and concrete, garbage and shit.

Every time I hear of a new vaccine or scientific invention that will save countless lives I sigh. The one thing we do not need is more people. Perhaps the plague would be preferable?

I do not like feeling that. On the personal level I can appreciate the agony of sickness and death, particularly for our children. I am filled with compassion. I would sacrifice anything for mine. But I fear we are sacrificing the world and it is too high a price.

There are too many of us.

What was once endless is now palpably limited. Yet we continue to plunder, destroy, slaughter and pollute as if it was infinite.

In my short life I have witnessed destruction of the environment on an industrial scale. The common animals become rare or extinct and the wilderness is tamed.

The world has changed from an infinite universe to a tiny ball in space.

Still our numbers grow, nature is destroyed and we carry on mindlessly.

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