The Corona Diaries Day 340

Glorious sunshine today in Yorkshire though the air was cool. My mate Nic came for a socially distanced walk. We headed off down the beck to the Mill and across to the nature reserve. A bit muddy underfoot but a great walk. I don’t think I stopped talking for three hours! I suspect you will find that all the world’s problems will have been sorted by tomorrow!!

Back home I’ve been playing some Sleepy John Estes and drafting out a new Sci-fi novel. I woke up at 5.00 a.m. with a head buzzing with ideas. So I got them started.

I’ll clear the Harper book and then I’ll enjoy getting stuck into that! I’m calling it Pornographic Wars.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland there is much controversy. Boris Johnson says that he’s treating the vote in parliament as a vote of confidence in his leadership. Good heavens!! Leadership?? When??? How can anybody have confidence in something that has never existed???

The amazing thing is that the government still has a lead in the polls. How is that possible. Are people stupid?? The Brexit mess. The Coronavirus mess. PPE, Worst death-rate. Hardest hit economy. Blatant cronyism and corruption. What does it take to get people to see what a lousy job the government is doing?? Do they have to lead a storming of Buckingham Palace?? Even then, as with Trump, a lot of people would excuse our clown with a haystack on his head!!

I find myself in rare agreement with the Queen – the antivaxxers should start thinking about other people! We need herd immunity to suppress new strains mutating. We’re all in this together.

The alert level has dropped. The NHS is no longer in danger of being overwhelmed. Hospital cases have gone down. The infection rate is coming down but is still far too high. We still have nearly 10,000 new cases a day and over 300 deaths.

More money was paid to Dido Harding for her incompetent Track and Trace that has proved so ineffective that was taken to land a Rover on Mars!! We should have sent Dido and the Cabinet up there instead. We’d probably be a lot safer without them! Have we seen good value from the £22 Billion we’ve put into it?? I think not. Why on earth didn’t they pass it to the NHS and give them an extra £22 Billion?? It would have been sorted!! But no – more cronyism!!

I was in a debate about whether the drop in the virus level is seasonal, due to a weakening of the virus or due to vaccination.

Although 18 million have been vaccinated in the UK that is too early to notice in the figures. The death rate in those vaccinated has come right down but they tend to be the elderly who are in care homes or isolating. They are not the ones who are going to be spreading it.

We won’t notice the effect of the vaccine until we get down to vaccinating the key workers who will be the ones spreading it.

I’m not sure about this idea that we virus is killed by sunshine. Brazil is very hot with plenty of sunshine and over 5000 people died yesterday. They have 66,000 new cases a day!

The virus isn’t getting weaker so it appears that the factor most effective is social distancing. Lockdown has closed indoor meetings. That is what is having the biggest effect. We’ll see what happens when schools go back in March.

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