Three of my Core Values – Number 1 – the truth.

I am reading this book by Yuval Noah Harari at the moment. He really makes you think about things – such a great writer. One of the things he made me think about was what were my core vales.

I selected three:

  1. Truth

I believe in truth. That means I do not believe anything without proof. I hunt for truth. It makes me cynical.

I’m a scientist. Science is the search for truth. We might not find it but we learn on the way. If it cannot be demonstrated, repeated and explained I remain skeptical.

Science doesn’t explain everything but it certainly gives a better explanation than everything else.

I do not find truth in religious belief. There is no evidence. It does not make sense. It is all based on faith in some human concocted fantasy. All very good when we understood very little but it does not hold up for me. Religion is constantly trying to reinvent itself as science reveals its cherished beliefs are not true.

Things we do not understand are explained by fantastical gods, paradise, heaven, angels and the rest – visions in wildernesses, up mountains or in caves don’t do it for me. Humans have created thousands of gods and afterlives. We used to worship the sun and moon and perform ceremonies to produce spring and rain. I really do not think any of those ceremonies, dietary restrictions, sacrifices or costumes had the slightest effect on the sun and moon.

As for politics – well I am sure that some politicians are genuine and do their best. I always take what they say with a pinch of salt, judge them on what they do and not what they say, and look to hold them to account.

I vote Labour because they do support public services and the poor. I wouldn’t vote Tory because, despite what they say, they always give tax cuts to the rich and cut public services.

The truth is that politicians are politicians. They use spin, lies and deceit.

Then we have the media. The truth is very difficult to ascertain. It depends who owns it, what spin it has and what propaganda they are spewing out. I prefer newspapers like the I and the BBC to that of internet sites. One has to read between the lines and weigh up the evidence. The internet is controlled by obnoxious people who pump out lies, conspiracy and fake news. At least I know the bias of media outlets I know about. The media has become polarised and full of lies.

I value the truth and honest, genuine people.

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