Trump’s Debt and Tax Evasion

I was reading about how Trump made $1.6 billion from his presidency and yet has paid no tax!!

Then I received this email from John:

‘I was listening to Radio 4 about how Biden must cope with Trump’s legacy and one of the correspondents described Trump as a cancer on Democracy. Fair enough.

Talking about his tax returns (previously), I briefly dipped into Forbes to check their account of Trump’s business dealings and it would appear that he might be billions in debt. There is a long list of stuff he is owing and all he does is pay off the interest and then defer the due repayment date. Apparently he still owes (amongst many more);

$13 million on the demolished Plaza and is paying 3.85% until 2024. (Plus owing the constructor’s final payment).
Trump Tower; $100 million at 4.2% until 2022.
40 Wall Street; $138 million at 3.665% until 2025.
Trump International Hotel; $170 million at variable rates until 2024.
1290 Avenue of Americas; $285 million at 3.34% until 2022 etc.’

I hope that the investigation of his crooked deals, mafia connections, Russian collusions and tax evasion exposes the full picture of his crooked deals.

Evading tax is stealing from the American people.

This guy is selling himself as a great businessman yet it’s all a bubble waiting to burst!! His massive income is just maintaining his huge debts. He was desperate to stay on and boost his income before it all collapses around him.

Some businessman.

This is the guy who has been pretending to be a friend of working people. He’s a conman who been screwing everything he could out of the post!!

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