The Corona Diaries – Day 336

Overcast with drizzle – so I stayed in editing and playing Randy Newman. I shall venture out, up my hill this afternoon. I have to keep up my consecutive 5 mile walks!!

Looks cheerier outside already!!

I’m not exactly waiting with bated breath for Johnson to announce a plan to get out of lockdown. He’s never come up with any successful plan yet! Hopefully he’ll read from an autocue and won’t ramble off into his own confused nonsense – or we’ll all be in trouble. It’s a bit like Trump – I bet all the behind the scenes experts are nervously twitching every time he opens his mouth. Nobody knows what nonsense he’ll spout!!

Will we see schools open in a safe way?? Teachers vaccinated?? Or will be announce what they are going to be expected to do five minutes before they open?

What about gymns, pubs, restaurants, gig venues, cinemas, arenas and stadia??

It is quite clear that the risk of infection outdoors is very low. The risk in shops is low. The risk from schools going back is much higher. The risk from long periods indoors from gyms, restaurants, transport and pubs is much higher.

Seems clear to me – allow meeting outside and shops with short visits and ban indoor get togethers. So pubs and restaurants could serve food outdoors.

We’ll see. It’ll probably be more blithering.

The good news is that the vaccine is already having a big impact. Its effect on preventing serious illness was described as spectacular. I bet that throws the antivaxxers into conflict – to die from covid or risk an injection that millions have had without much in the way of problems? Gosh that’s a hard one! Do I want to risk life on a ventilator and lingering death by drowning in my own fluids or alternatively have a sore arm for a couple of days?? Let me see???

When I’ve had my second jab I will consider myself free. I will be confident that I won’t spread the disease to other and will not get seriously ill myself. I can’t wait.

I think there is much ignorance concerning mRNA vaccines. Our genome is DNA. It is not possible for RNA to become incorporated. The mRNA creates proteins. The idea is to create the covid-19 spike proteins for antibodies to react to. That alerts the natural immune system to become active. Sounds great.

Thankfully the number of new infected cases is coming down. Only in Brazil, with its populist nutter in charge, is it still going berserk. With summer approaching and the vaccine rolling out we have a real chance of getting completely on top of it. Just as long as the idiots don’t dream up a new eat out to help out scheme or order people back on trains and busses and to the office!

Keep safe – The clown disguised as a walking haystack will pronounce soon – arf arf.!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 336

  1. My latest COVID rant (and a very long one too – it covers the whole of Europe with spaghetti!) is here: It includes my assessment of the UK’s COVID performance to date. Scathing, to say the least!

    The Guardian published the likely “laundry list” yesterday evening: If they’re right, there will be a lot of angry people tonight.

    1. Very difficult to see the colours when you are colour blind but a fascinating and comprehensive look! I’ve urged people to take a look Neil. Well done.

  2. I can’t listen to Johnson. I just wish he’d speak normally without his stop-start four words at a time presentation.

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