Poetry – I don’t promise you forever

I don’t promise you forever

All this romantic talk of forever is just a farce. We haven’t got forever; not even a mere hundred years.

Love is an emotion, an endorphin rush, a surge of brain chemistry. It comes out of attraction and serves a purpose. That purpose is to match our genes and produce children that transcend us or to create a bond with someone that is deep enough to see us through life’s hurdles.

I don’t hold with this romantic talk.

I’ll love you while the endorphins last and then we’ll see if we can still get along on friendship, trust, habit and mutual respect.

On the other hand I might just tell you that it’s forever. That sometimes helps.

I don’t promise you forever

I won’t promise you forever

That is much too long.

After the first billion years

We might not get along.

I won’t be loving you

When the stars all blink out.

You wouldn’t like it then

With just hydrogen about.

No, I’ll love you for a while

And then I’ll stop.

Even a thousand years

Would be over the top.

I won’t even promise you

A measly hundred more.

Long before then

I’d be heading out the door.

Ten more might reasonably

See us through.

I have a feeling that

Will just about do.

So I’ll love you while

The feelings last.

Probably until the end

And we’re both in the past.

Opher 11.9.2015

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