The Corona Diaries – Day 304 – Britain is World Beating!!

It is a much brighter day in Yorkshire! The sun is periodically shining!

I’m sitting here playing Country Joe and the Fish very loudly. Superb!!

I’ve put off my walk until this afternoon!

We’re over half-way through winter now! The days are drawing out. I can almost smell spring. OK, I know, a lot more rain and cold to get through yet. But the snowdrops are out and all the bulbs are coming up. The world is waking up.

Biden is signing away all those executive orders – putting a halt to all that drilling and mining in national parks, signing up to the Paris accord, rejoining the WHO and UN. Things are looking up! Soon Trump will just be a nasty aberration.

I’m feeling quite optimistic today even though the cloud of Brexit and Johnson are a big blot on the horizon. The South of England is being turned into a lorry park, the checks and red tape proliferates, costs rise and shortages become apparent, firms are shutting down, jobs evaporating and these Eton Schoolboys are making more money! Project Fear becomes Reality.

Out in Coronaland the death toll is horrendous. Every day is a record!

When are we going to get a chance for an inquest as to why these brexiteer clowns are presiding over the worst record in the whole world??

Today in the UK there were 1820 deaths! and another 38,905 people went down with the disease. What are they playing at???? It stands starkly against places like New Zealand – with no new cases, no new deaths and only 25 dead in the whole pandemic!! They shut their borders, quarantined and tested. Like a bunch of dorks we left ours open and welcomed the virus in until we were completely overwhelmed. It seems to me that Eton might get good exam results but doesn’t turn out kids with intelligence or the ability to think.

All these Brexiteers had in their heads was to detach themselves from the EU (and make a tidy packet in the process!).

In Australia as soon as there are a handful of cases they shut down borders between states and deal with it. Why are we so moronic?? We only shut our borders last week!! Talk about horses bolting.

I notice Priti Patel broke ranks yesterday. She said that she’d recommended shutting our borders 10 months ago!! Too bloody late now!!!!!

The worrying thing is that the South African variant appears to either reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine or make the vaccine useless. That could send us back to square one. It might mean that people who have had the disease will go down with it again. It could mean the cycle of death goes on indefinitely. Not a nice thought. All the more reason to get vaccinated quickly and then stamp out the variant if it gets in!

Not sure that our bunch of clowns are up to the job on that.

Poor old Biden has got to cope with a lot. There were 4367 deaths yesterday from Covid. How do you cope with a country where half the country are ill-educated imbeciles who think that saving their lives is an infringement of their liberty??? Life saving is a socialist plot!!! It is probably evolution in action. They are all antivaxxers who will kill themselves off.

I’m waiting for my letter to drop through the post. I want a vaccination quick!!!

Stay safe!! Normality awaits!!

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