The Corona Diaries – Day 303

A dark, dreary day of rain in Yorkshire. I donned all my togs and went up my hill in the rain. It felt OK within the bubble I took with me.

My life is a bubble. Monotony and predictability. Energy sapping. The same old pattern.

When you wake up in the morning there is nothing to look forward to. There is no need for a diary, for appointments, no memos about gigs, performances, shows, cinema – nothing to remember. I don’t even ring friends like I used to. There’s nothing new to add.

I came back from my walk, read some of my brilliant Harari book and listened to a bit of Pink Floyd.

Then I watched some of the Biden inauguration. I’m so glad to be rid of Trump. He must be the most ignorant President in history. His knowledge of science and the environment was zero. You can tell he’d never read a book. The man was the most rude, crass person on the planet. Shame on America for electing such a crude ignoramus.

Out there in Coronaland the world is taking a deep breath as it contemplates a new opportunity to get back on track with Biden. The scourge of populist fascism is on the wane. The question remains as to whether Liberalism can regroup and come up with solutions to the massive problems of our time – the environmental degradation, gross inequality, A/I and mass unemployment, racism, global poverty, climate change and biodiversity, mass immigration, religious fanaticism, the coronavirus and the divisions all this is causing that has created Brexit and Trump.

Biden will have a lot on his plate. Hard for a guy of his years. But he looks to be making all the right moves and dumping all of Trump’s follies. Back in the Paris accord, backing the UN and the WHO, putting the virus and climate change centre stage. He’s amassed an experienced team. Let’s hope he does what he says. As for the armed militia and right-wing extremists – I don’t know how you deal with them. I’d take their guns off them for starters. But hey, America is a weird place.

As Trump grumpily and rudely slopes off to oblivion and hopefully prison he leaves behind 402,000 dead Americans due to his mismanagement. There were another 201,980 new cases with 2770 deaths. That’s his legacy. That’s what the history books will record – an arrogant narcissistic ignorant fool who killed more Americans than anyone in history.

Here in the UK Trump-light Johnson is just as bad. He’s killing Brits at an alarming rate due to his dithering, complacency and inaction. When the history books record how he failed to shut out borders to protect us they will note that the UK has the highest death toll for its population size in the whole world. It also has the worst hit economy. There is no running away from the facts.

Today we had another 33,355 new cases with a record 1610 deaths. Scandalous mismanagement. This whole bunch of Billy Bunters should be ashamed!!

We’ree locked down indefinitely. The new variant is rampaging. Young people are filling up hospitals. The NHS staff are on their knees. Where’s our invisible leader??

The vaccine is rolling out. They are now talking about vaccinating key workers first. About time! It’s the ones on the front line who are carrying the brunt and most at risk. They, through no fault of their own, are the ones spreading the disease. In order to slow the rate we need to vaccinate them.

Stay safe. Tomorrow’s a new dawn. How long to the next election?

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