The Corona Diaries – Day 293

Today was like most other days. Sorted my blog, wrote a few posts, went for a walk, played some beefheart, video conference with kids. Predictable and tedious!

I reckon we should have the jab in six weeks. What will happen then is uncertain. Having had the vaccine will we be able to see friends and get back to a normal life? Will we be able to travel? I suppose it depends if we can be carriers or not. No doubt they’ll sort that out soon.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the knives are out for Trump. In the British press they are calling him a fascist. In the US they are calling him unhinged. His ratings have gone through the floor and Republicans are abandoning him. He’s a dead duck and a major liability. The interesting thing is that there are still a number who continue to support him despite what they’ve seen. They still believe his lies.

The worst aspect of his incompetency is the tragic loss of life from Covid-19 – another 3261 deaths yesterday. In the mids of all this these deaths seem to have been swept under the carpet. What is abundantly obvious is that Trump really does not care. All he cares about is power, money, adoration and golf.

The impeachment process starts tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see if the Republicans have developed any morality and will back it. He needs to go! The other alternative is that he resigns.

I think I prefer impeachment. That’ll stop him having any possibility of coming back and will also expose the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party. They disgust me.

Where did morality go?

In the UK we’re even worse when it comes to Covid. Our invisible clown is presiding over an inept bunch of fools. We had another 1035 deaths yesterday. Compared to New Zealand (just 250 deaths in total) it is appalling. We’ve had extreme cronyism, mess-ups over planning, strategy, PPE, Apps and Track and Trace. They are dithering, not locking down, not closing borders and bringing in stupid schemes like Eat Out To Help Out and Get Back To Work. Pathetic.

The other thing they are doing is flooding everything with bureaucratic red tape. We need everybody who can inject to help but retired nurses are inundated with so much paperwork they are giving up.

It like Brexit for vaccines. Buried under a mound of paperwork.

Anyway, stay safe. Fill in yours forms.

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 293

  1. Opher, what I heard is that you need two jabs. Originally they were supposed to be 3 weeks apart, then they moved it to 4, and the latest I heard is 12 weeks apart. It’s only some weeks after the second jab that you get the protection. So the answer to your questions, according to my present state of knowledge, is No. That’s even if the vaccine works at all – something I’m becoming increasingly dubious about. And why did Pfizer demand – and get – immunity from prosecution? That’s worrying, no?

    As to Trump, I’m sure you saw my little rhyme on WB, but I think it still bears repeating:

    Humpty Trumpty built a big wall,
    Humpty Trumpty had a bad fall
    On the wrong side; and the border post men
    Wouldn’t let Humpty in the US again.

    1. Neil – you’re not quite right about the jabs. After the first jab, following two weeks for it to create an immune response, you have a fair degree of immunity. Probably not sufficient to stop you becoming infected but certainly enough to stop you becoming extremely ill. That immunity then begins to subside. The second jab raises the level of immunity much higher, sufficient to stop you becoming ill, and then subsides over a much longer period of time.
      The length of time between the two jabs varies with the type of virus.

      I don’t really look at FB Neil. Like your rhyme!!

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