Trump and the Degrading of America

I was reading (and agreeing) with this article written in the Guardian.

It seems to me that Trump is really nothing more that the expression of a vile attitude that has manifested itself in American culture over a long time. It is prevalent in a lot of Right Wing thinking – in the overt racism, the focus on individual rights and freedoms, evangelical Christianity and the right to bear arms. It is a way of thinking that resents all government and taxes and promotes a macho, winner takes all, mentality.

It found expression in the Tea Party with the likes of Sarah Palin, with its emphasis on small government and reduced taxes and reduction in spending on education, welfare and health care.. Then went on to produce a change in the Republican Party, a lurch to the right, and set up a populist agenda propelled by a fear of Muslim terrorism and mass immigration.

Trump, being a canny conman, tapped into this ideology, bigged it up and propelled himself into power.

Since then he has pandered to the populist agenda with his walls to keep immigrants out, harsh treatment of immigrants, support of evangelical policies, support of the National Rifle Association, banning of Muslims, support for far-right militia and white supremacists. He claims to ‘Put America First’ with his ‘Make America Great Again’ mantra while lining his own pockets, evading taxes and deploying overt cronyism and nepotism. His racist, misogynistic and crass comments have been not only forgiven but condoned as straight-talking free speech.

For me that brings shame on all who condone such behaviour.

In his attempt to put the economy above all else, putting profit and cash before people and the planet, he has denied climate change, disbanded scientific monitoring and pulled out of environmental agreements – such as the Paris Accord. He has reduced environmental constraints, opened up areas for exploitation, promoted fossil fuels, reduced environmental and health standards, reduced workers’ rights and sucked up to foreign despots.

All of which has been forgiven and even praised by his loyal following. They have accepted that the global warming is a hoax, environmental standards are unnecessary and that it is the American way to accept risks to life and limb.

They don’t care where the profits are going (usually off-shore into tax evading accounts) as long as they have jobs.

He reduced taxes (a short-term strategy to boost the economy with long-term consequences) and his supporters cheered. So the wealthy (including Trump) became a lot wealthier at the expense of the poor, welfare, education, infrastructure and health.

He claimed there was a ‘Deep State’ conspiracy involving Washington politicians and Hollywood stars that he was actively fighting. It was full of corruption, paedophiles and worse – and only he could drain the swamp.

The irony was that he was busy creating his own swamp of lies, corruption and sleaze.

His latest ploy is to deny the results of the election, claim there was widespread fraud and that he won the election. It has netted him over half a billion Dollars.

The sad thing is that, despite his continual lying, a majority of his fanatical supporters buy in to his lies. He has brought shame on America and undermined the whole democratic process.

This is what the Guardian had to say:

‘Trump has brought impunity to the highest office in the land, wielding a wrecking ball to the most precious windowpane of all – American democracy.’

‘The message? A president can obstruct special counsels’ investigations of his wrongdoing, push foreign officials to dig up dirt on political rivals, fire inspectors general who find corruption, order the entire executive branch to refuse congressional subpoenas, flood the Internet with fake information about his opponents, refuse to release his tax returns, accuse the press of being “fake media” and “enemies of the people”, and make money off his presidency.’

‘And he can get away with it. Almost half of the electorate will even vote for his reelection.’

Americans’ acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy | Donald Trump | The Guardian

2 thoughts on “Trump and the Degrading of America

  1. I enjoyed your post Opher. Now I won’t have to speak that way about my current leader, mostly as it has all been said before. We all look forward to a different set of views, allowing for people to be honest and not so antagonistic. Will be nice to hear we are all important in the big scheme of things. Maybe our views and ideas can take presidence in the near future. We might not have to join the K.K.K. to be heard. Like you, I still don’t know how we really got here. This country of mine seems to be populated by morons, and I’m sorry to be counted as among them. Thanks for all of your posts concerning these topics, and keeping us up to date on Brexit as well. Hope you continue to stay healthy and as happy as one can be, considering the year and circumstances we’ve had to put up with. Keep on posting, and I will read more from ya soon.

    1. Cheers Rusty. I appreciate your support over time and am glad that we can communicate. There is so much great about America. I loved living there. I hate to see the worst aspects of it so magnified. I’m hoping for a more compassionate period of time where the greater virtues can flourish. This is an age I would like to see undone.
      All the best for a better year. Thanks again.

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