The Corona Diaries – Day 278

Back to an empty house today – just the two of us. Feels strange. It’s been a strange Christmas. Very quiet. We normally have a house bursting with kids, presents amd people, with the odd dog thrown in. Not this year.

After our son had gone we went for a walk up our hill. It was grey and cloudy but it felt quite warm The storm will be coming through later tonight.

I think tonight will be time to unwind and watch some telly. The Man In The High Castle is getting interesting.

We’ve got the wood piled up and the log burner loaded. I think we’re battening down the hatches for a couple of months. Once winter is over and the vaccine is here we will feel free!!

Out in Coronaland the families have been gathering for Christmas, a number defying laws, and carrying the virus from place to place. If the new strain was not spread far and wide it is now. We’ll no doubt watch the tally take off in January!

It seems that the South African strain is causing concerns too. It’s attacking young people and making them very ill. That will create a real change in attitudes. It could have big implications for both schools and universities!

Today most of the country came out of a Christmas relaxation straight into lockdown! We’ll see what happens next. Our invisible clown of a leader seems incapable of either decision-making or leading. At the moment he’s basking in the aftermath of having achieved a Brexit deal. That will soon pass. Once the impact of Brexit hits home people will find that even with a deal the outcome is pretty grim. A nincompoop can’t change his spots.

The Christmas bonus is that the rates of new cases have gone down in the USA, UK and Brazil. That’s great. Or is that merely that Christmas has impacted on the number tested? We’ll see.

It can’t go down in places like Vietnam and New Zealand. When you’re on next to zero it’s hard to improve.

We’re still waiting to see what damage Trump can do in his last days. He’s desperately trying to open up new contracts so the environment can be further trashed and trying to have half the prison population executed.

Whatever, the new year brings vaccines, an end to Brexit and the end of Trump. Labour have gone ahead in the polls. People are finally waking up.

I’m looking forward to it!!

All the best – Stay safe!!

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