The Corona Diaries – Day 277

We still haven’t had any symptoms and are still avoiding risks!

Today was Christmas day. There was a sprinkling of snow and the bins were frozen solid. I had to prise them apart to put the rubbish in.

It was one of those cold, crisp mornings with the sun shining. We went for a walk to Bridlington along the cliffs!

Out in Coronaland, all over the country, people are gathering to spread the virus! There is a huge endeavour to take the new strain to all regions of the realm! It’s the pagan festival of consumerism! It’s usually good to give – though on this occasion it might be better not to!

The USA is still hovering around the 200,000 new cases with 3000 deaths a day while we’re hovering around the 40,000 new cases with 600 deaths. If it wasn’t for Brazil outdoing us with ineptitude – 58,428 new cases with nearly 800 deaths, we’d be looking really bad! Meanwhile Vietnam and New Zealand have no deaths at all!

What this means is that the virus has a huge base to work from in the USA, UK and Brazil. Christmas plays into its hands. I’m expecting a huge surge following Christmas with a whole glut of deaths in mid January!!

Bring out the dead!!

We should all do what the pagans used to do and hold big gatherings around the stone circles – outside! Worship the sun and nature! They knew what they were doing.

Gathering inside is not a good idea!

So Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your meal. Raise a toast! Share your gifts but not your virus!

Stay safe!!

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