The Corona Diaries – Day 272

I took an early morning walk in the sunshine this morning. Everything seemed right with the world even though it isn’t.

Just to cheer myself up I went back home played Beautiful Freak by the Eels and read the newspaper!

It seems to me that we are in the midst of a self-induced shitstorm! The whole world is nuts!!

The genie is out of the bottle and won’t go back in!

As an intelligent species we behave like utter idiots – selfish, thoughtless, competitive and arrogant. Our complacency is our downfall.

This virus is no surprise. It has been predicted. We have no excuse. We should have been ready.

I watch the politicians dithering around, not thinking things through and coming out with unworkable solutions. Ever since Dominic Cummings went on his trip to Barnard Castle and flouted the rules – then lied about it – everyone has lost faith in anything the government comes out with.

It is easy to see the panic in their faces. They know that things are out of hand and it’s of their own doing. At the same time we’re dealing with Brexit. The idiots. Why didn’t they put that6 on hold until they’d dealt with the virus. They are well out of their depth.

This new strain seems to be much more contagious. It throws up other questions: is it as lethal? Does the vaccine still work on it? We’ll know soon enough. Meanwhile I see the fear in the politicians’ eyes.

They can’t organise anything – switching around. One minute they are threatening to fine Local Authorities for putting schools on distanced learning. The next, three days later, they are instructing all schools to do distanced learning. One minute they are castigating Labour for wanting a greater, more effective lockdown, days later they cancel Christmas. Pathetic.

On the last day of term they instruct schools to carry out mass testing – as if that is possible. It’s not. No trained staff, no ventilated areas, no time, no leeway. It’s a logistical nightmare. They talk glibly of volunteers as if they can be plucked out of the air. They have no idea of security. They have surrounded our schools with barbed wire and locked gates (community use went out the window) and demanded huge security checks – the next minute any paedophile or terrorist is invited in. Nonsense.

So our teachers are thrown into chaos on the last day of term – knackered, exhausted and stressed they now have to work through Christmas and New Year preparing lessons and sorting out how online teaching will work, how to tell the kids and how to organise mass testing.

If the government had organised themselves a week or two earlier it could have saved a hell of a lot of time and effort.

So, days before Christmas all the plans are up in the air. Families are told to stay home. Arrangements are cancelled. It would not have been so bad if this had not been obvious weeks in advance and measures taken!!

We are donkeys being led by donkeys.

Roll on Brexit – let’s fuck over what little is left.

I’m left thinking that we ought to do what America is doing – leaving it to the people. The intelligent will isolate and the stupid will kill each other off!

Ever since Cummings nobody believes a word that our Clown says and takes not the slightest notice!!

What a country we’ve become!!

I don’t think anybody really knows what they are meant to be doing.

Elsewhere, in places like New Zealand and Vietnam (and lots more) there are no deaths and life back to normal!

In the USA there’s another 251,447 new cases and another 3000 deaths.

Lunacy reigns!!

I hope there’s a reckoning for all this!!

Stay safe!!

9 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 272

  1. Oh Opher, things are going along as planned except for old people. They are getting the vaccine but there was NO PRE-Testing in any studies to see how that age level would be affected.

    So THEY are the guinea pigs for vaccine safety! Sweet. Couldn’t have planned it better.

    Did you realize that the vaccine does not prevent one from getting Covid? And even after you receive the vaccine that you shouldn’t travel and still wear a mask.

    Makes Tubularsock kind of wonder.

    1. Tub – it may be true that you can still carry it – but I can’t wait. I don’t mind carrying it as long as I don’t get it or spread it!!

      1. Tubularsock can relate but why do you have confidence in Big Pharma telling you the truth and believe the government is so fucked up?

        From Tubularsock’s reading “trusting” is very very risky when profit with no responsibility is the way this is being carried out.

        Just sayen’

      2. Now Opher, Tubularsock is glad that you are in the know and far be it from Tubularsock to get in anyone’s way to do what one believes is correct.

        BUT there are many a slip betwixt the cup and the lip so that is probably why the United Kingdom has confirmed that it will deploy “resuscitation facilities” in coronavirus vaccination centers to help with those that suffer from allergic reactions.

        Seems everyone are not alike which makes a one vaccine fits all occasions not as “safe” as the profiteers may like you to believe.

        Be safe and watch your back.

      3. Hi Tub. Tens of thousands vaccinated. No deaths from allergic reactions. Lots of deaths from Covid. I’m no fan of the big pharmas. They’re out for profit. But I am a great fan of vaccination. It has saved tens of millions of lives.

      4. Neil – it would be unusual if there were not reactions in a tiny number of people. Some people drop dead with paracetamol. There is no drug that does not cause an adverse reaction in some people. Compared to the risk from catching Covid-19 the risk is tiny. I’ve had every vaccine going without any more reaction than a sore arm for a day or two. I can handle that. Compared with the risk of being on a ventilator the risk is tiny. I’m more than happy to take a risk like that. Look at the odds Neil.

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