The Corona Diaries – Day 270

I was up early today because I have a long journey to meet up with my youngest son. It was dark and overcast but I did an early walk up my hill – 270 consecutive days of more than 10,000 steps a day. I’ve been doing a two hour walk a day.

In the car I’m going to be playing Sean Taylor, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix. I’m looking forward to the drive.

I’ve listened to what the politicians are saying and couldn’t give a toss. I’ve listened to what the scientists are saying, and using my biological knowledge, I know it makes sense. The politicians are a useless bunch of tossers. They’ve engineered a total disaster.

I am amazed so many people still think they have done a good job. A number of people have said that I couldn’t have done better. They are wrong. If I had been in charge I would have done it a lot better. Here’s what should have happened:

a. To be aware that it is inevitable that a major pandemic was bound to happen.

b. To set up a team to keep an eye open and sort out strategies (Obama did that)

c. To have the NHS ready with a set of strategies.

d. To stock chemicals for testing and PPE.

e. To produce an investigation/report on our readiness to combat a pandemic (They did that in 2017 – the Cygnus report – then they ignored it.

f. To monitor what was going on in China and begin planning.

g. To monitor what was going on when it started spreading.

h. To shut all borders and have testing and tracing for all people allowed in. (we allowed 2 million to come into the country without any testing, monitoring or follow-up. – madness)

i. To set up testing, track and trace while numbers were small enough to contain.

That is precisely what the likes of Vietnam and New Zealand did!

The UK, USA and Brazil arrogantly ignored what was going on. Trump disbanded Obamas teams. All three played it down – said it was a small flu, nothing to worry about. They were unprepared, complacent and too late. There was no shutting down borders, no testing and containment and no preparations and strategy.

They said that nobody could have seen this coming. Bollocks. We have been warned for decades. We’ve had SARS, MERS, HIV, EBOLA. We knew a pandemic was coming. They were just too stupid and complacency.

A government’s prime task is to keep their population safe. They have no excuse. They did not do what they should have done.

When you vote in clowns and conmen you are inviting a disaster!

Stay safe my friends – we are ruled by populist morons!!

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