The Corona Diaries – Day 271

Today I have had another long drive. I have been playing Bob Dylan, Yawpers, Captain Beefheart, Nick Harper, Fleetwood Mac and Big Brother and the Holding Company. That’s given me an injection of energy.

When I arrived home I took my daily walk.

Out in Coronaland the clowns and morons are still in charge and the cloud of corona is dominating. In the UK we also have looming stupidity of Brexit as firms flee abroad and the jobless, homeless and hungry kids loom. But the good news is that there are more billionaires than ever! A lot of people are making a lot of money out of covid and Brexit!!

Having weighed up what our dappy politicians are saying and what our scientists are saying we have sorted out what we are going to do for Christmas.

The vaccine offers a way out but we’ll have to wait a few months! Until then I’m reducing my risks as much as possible.

The virus levels are too high to make it possible to have a normal Christmas. The risk is far too great.

We will meet up with our children and grandchildren outside to pass over presents. We will not be meeting up inside.

The exception to this is our younger son. He would be on his own over Christmas so we are absorbing him into our bubble like an amoeba ingesting food. He has taken a covid test (negative) and is isolating. We reckon the risk of taking in one person is acceptable.

If we get the disease then so be it. Life is risk. It’s all about how we responsibly manage it.

I certainly do not want to go down with this disease just before the vaccine makes life safer!!

Stay safe – the end is nigh!

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