You can build a machine that goes to the Moon

Talk across the world

Design the shape of a new teaspoon

Make a camera that records the beauty of a moment

Write a poem

That speaks of new love in a ferment

When you can breed a new type of flower

Or make a garden gnome

You should be able to see further

Than your last hormone

Together we could build paradise here on Earth

With a bit of wisdom

And a whole lot of shared mirth

Build the machines that take away the drudge

Travel the universe

On a wink and a nudge

When you can talk to the world

On your cheap car phone

You should be able to see further

Than your last hormone.

OPHER  31.12.97

Foreign policy and public opinion seems to operate on the whim of hormones and not brains.

People are whipped into frenzy by the press.

Politicians go for popularity and votes.

The public react to headlines.

The people behind the scene manipulate the news.

Who are these people and what do they want?

Democracy runs on emotions. The manipulators of emotions lurk in the advertising agencies, think tanks and spin-doctors.

The truth is not what happens but what is perceived to have happened.

Instead of people whipping up public emotions for profit, power or advantage we should have more cerebral discussions. Decisions on how the world is run should be made with electricity – not chemicals.

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