Poetry – Hardwired to Worship

Hardwired to Worship

Hardwired to worship

Subjugation is elation

Programmed to ritual

Bliss through abdication

We have the need to pray

It is a must to believe

The supernatural is quite natural

As the way to perceive

Believing gives us purpose

When faced with mystery

Genuflect without aversion

Through politics and history

God watches over you

Through plague pestilence and death

Give thanks for his bounty

As you draw your last breath

Hardwired to worship

Programmed to believe

Elation in prostration

Nature flatters to deceive


Our success as a species comes from our intelligence. We are programmed through our DNA to see patterns and seek solutions. It made us brilliant hunters, farmers and story tellers.

We could see the habits of our predators and prey, discern the changing of the seasons, make tools, design shelters, transport and use our imagination to create what did not exist.

We tell stories like no other creature we know. Even the whale’s songs cannot compete.

Our greatest talent is our ability to solve problems and seek out solutions. That works brilliantly in our natural habitat but comes up short when faced with things beyond our comprehension.

When faced with the sun, moon, death and purpose our imagination worked overtime but our problem solving proved limited. We invented deities and paradise.

At first it satisfied the curiosity. Now we are in thrall to our own creation and it stalks our days.

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