The Corona Diaries – Day 266

Bright sunny day today – and my disposition was a bit sunnier to match!

I went for a walk up my hill in the sunshine. It was still a tad chilly.

Back home I did some reading and played some Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. My – they were good!

No editing today. I’ve finished. One last read through and then a further edit! But I’m having a break!

I painted our new gates with wood stain. It looks a bit patchy and crap. I’ll have another look tomorrow.

The things we do while we’re waiting around to catch Covid.

Out there in Coronaland it’s all more of the same – endless repetition, facemasks and distancing. It’s the new norm. We’re all waiting around to catch Covid.

Today is a big day in the States – the electoral college votes today. That seals it for Trump and his daft campaign to overthrow democracy.

Except it wasn’t quite so daft as it seemed. The morons sent him lots of money. He’s made half a billion dollars so far. If he stretches it out a bit more he’ll have made a billion! He’s very keen on taking money from suckers!

there was never any chance of him altering the result. He lost by 7 million+ votes and knows it. All these silly lawsuits were a way of getting all his brainwashed followers to send in the cash! He’s not as daft as he sounds. He’s a master conman.

It’s also taken attention away from the mess he’s made of Covid. Another 183,814 new cases yesterday with another 1,357 deaths. He’s nearly killed 200,000 Americans!! No other President comes near! He’s also made a basket case out of the economy! A double!!

Of course, Trump’s supporters will say it’s just the virus. They’re wrong. It’s the management of the virus. Trump did it all wrong.

It’s amazing to think how arrogant the West was at the beginning. There was an assumption that the Virus would devastate the populations in Africa and Asia – the density and poverty coupled with poor facilities would prove to be killing fields. That’s not the case though. Vietnam with just 2 new cases today! Makes Trump and the USA look like fools. A total of 35 deaths compared to 200,000! That’s stupidity for you! Or is it just callousness? He’s not stupid when it comes to exploiting people and making money.

Meanwhile pressure mounts for Biden to expose all Trump’s illegal doings when he gets into office! Lock him up!! Ha Ha!! After the all the silly chanting aimed at Clinton that would be ironic.

Here in the UK we’ve watched the spike after Thanksgiving as we head into Christmas. The experts are telling us there’s going to be a big one here in January following Christmas. The NHS are pleading for a short lockdown. Sadiq Khan is asking for schools to go online for the last week!

As usual our government will dither and our clown will be invisible!

As we are guided by the xenophobic hands of the extreme ERG, for which nothing else matters apart from their extreme brand of nationalism, we find ourselves actually threatening our neighbours and erstwhile partners with warships! How easily wars can start! The nutcases are in control!

Hancock had another of his half-hours – claiming that there is a new variant of the Covid-19 virus that is responsible for the outbreaks in the South. The scientists say bollocks! Funny how it only elicits a response when it affects southerners. The north is expendable!!

Try and survive until the vaccine arrives!! Stay safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 266

  1. And the ones that don’t survive the vaccine? Just water under the bridge?

    There are many sides to a story and when you are working with a society that puts profit over people you get wars and vaccines ad nauseam.


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